About me


Nice to meet you!

My name is Lin and I have a YouTube channel about otome games, specifically about unlocalised Japanese otome games and how you can learn Japanese with them!

I love writing reviews about the games I play or make videos about otome games in general, like announcements, recommendations or even how otome games influence our psyche.

What I love most about sharing my passion, is that I can motivate others to stick to their Japanese learning goals and learn with you together!

Because I wish I had known about this approach sooner, I want to make it easier for you to get into playing Japanese otome games.

How did I get into otome games?

I shared my journey a bit in this video.

It was influenced by two developments you could say:

  1. A few years ago I got into JRPGs (like Xenoblade Chronicles 2) and then into niche JRPGs(Atelier Series, Compile Heart Games), that are half visual novels, which made me realise, that VNs actually are not boring – that came as quite a surprise honestly.
  2. I wanted to get back on track with learning Japanese and knew the approach of learning Japanese with video games, so I thought- why not learn with JRGPs? And somehow I then stumbled upon the switch port of Ephemeral Fantasy on Dark, which comes in English and Japanese, so I could switch languages, play and learn at the same time!

And that was it! This combination cast a spell on me: learn Japanese and romance hot 2D men – the ultimate kick!

Will I review every game?

I would love to!

But sadly there are time as well as money constraints…

But if you want me to review a specific game, then you can always consider donating a bit and thereby voting for the next review!

What makes a good game for me?

I think I tend to be fairly positive about most otome games.

But I’m definitely biased towards games with a dark plot or possessive characters. So if games solely focus on friendly characters without a strong plot, I might not like a game as much, as others would. But I always try to state this in reviews and still try to be as objective as I can – though swooning over 2D men is probably one of the most subjective and personal things you can do.

How you can support me:

Well, thanks for asking, I appreciate it!

You definitely should subscribe to my YouTube channel, to always see my newest video, reviews, announcements or otome analysis!

You can also follow me on twitter for little updates and to chat a bit!

If you are importing games, please consider using the links under the reviews or in the sidebar!

And to make a real change, I’m eternally grateful, if you would donate some of your hard earned money and transform it into my hard earned money! (and vote for the next review while you are doing this)

How do I learn Japanese with otome games?

I talk about that in this playlist!

And I hope I can make more helpful videos and write about that in the future.

And you also found a bit about that in the learning and FAQ section.