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Learn Japanese

There is no easy way

BUT you can use otome games for lovely immersion

How to read Otome Games in Japanese

1. First otome game

2. Feel like a バカ

3. Get a hang on kana

4. Recognise your first kanji

5. Stare at one sentence for minutes

6. Forget all the words you looked up

7. Look up everything again

8. Hope you’ll magically understand

9. Still don’t? Well, won’t be important anyway!

10. Next sentence!

This might be how you feel when first starting out reading in Japanese, be it books or games – at least that how I felt. I had to look up every word. EVERY. WORD. 

And literally after I’ve looked up all the words in the sentence, I couldn’t remember them to finally translate the sentence!

But that was, because I started out with pretty bad Japanese knowledge, just after a rough knowledge of the Genki books and without ever having read a lot. So yes, it was a lot of work at the beginning.

But I was hooked by the games I wanted to play! So I kept going looking up every single word. And after 100 hours of Piofiore I finally could remember the word 教会. Baby steps, but man am I proud!

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