The Witch and her Assistant (Guest Review by Amanda)


“The Witch and Her Assistant” is a short visual novel about a young witch living alone in her cottage and an encounter in the forest, made for Otome Game Jam 2021.

Game play

36 min


by, Hanako the Musical Ghost

The music is relaxing and upbeat.

Story & Graphic

by, Magic Bench

The art and story are both cute and fluffy, adding to its charm.


There are 2 romanceable characters. Assistant #1 Miryhn the run-away demon. Assistant #2 Zaeilhl the lost lamb. Two very willing assistants ready to aid.

{My opinion}

Miryhn was the first character I played (my bias!). You encounter him after he saves you from a close call. Reliable, knowledgeable, and a flirt. What more to ask for from an assistant?

{My opinion}

You encounter Zailehl in the woods saving him from the rain. The witch sees his raw potential and decides to make him her assistant. His strong work ethic and charming demeanor will win you over.

Should you play?

As the witch you get to decide which fateful “assistant” you will encounter. This light-hearted game will easily keep you engaged; I know it has for me.

The short visual novel is jam packed with lore, fluffy art, and magic in every corner. Honestly, I appreciate the lore especially being how short the game is; it allowed me to quickly orient myself to the world the witch came from. It also made the character interactions that much more fun to read.

The game’s genre is like high fantasy meets slice-of-life. The ambience and art style are so cute and fluffy, it just leaves a smile on my face.

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