Tengai ni Mau Plot

Tengai ni Mau CG 14

Ritsu wants to inherit her parents’ restaurant, but as woman in the 1930s she cannot inherit and doesn’t really feel like marrying. Nevertheless her father engages her with the eldest son of an old friend, but shortly after the son calls to cancel the engagement again. But as that man was such a good old friend of her father she yet travels to the capital to at least talk to that gentleman.

Radiant Tale Plot Summary

This is a plot summary of the game Radiant Tale. That means it’s spoilers incarnate. And it’s biased by the way I perceived the story and limited by my Japanese knowledge. Read at your own discretion.
The game immediately starts of with the first performance in the circus and has a flashback to you signing of the contract to enter the MC’s name (clever) and a final flashback how everything started…