Radiant Tale Plot Summary

This is a plot summary of the game Radiant Tale. That means it’s spoilers incarnate. And it’s biased by the way I perceived the story and limited by my Japanese knowledge. Read at your own discretion


The game immediately starts of with the first performance in the circus and has a flashback to you signing of the contract to enter the MC’s name (clever) and a final flashback how everything started:

You live together with your aunt and fluffy furball Radie and would rather have your life continue like this instead of traveling to cities like the city of love.

But then out of nowhere a friendly dragon, Vilio, falls directly on top of you, as he collided with the post sheep in the air. As he seems utterly confused, you and Radie help him find his friends, as you are on your way to the castle to deliver a flower to the prince anyways, who froze his heart in the fight against evil shadows. And these flowers, which bloom whenever the heart of a person is filled with joy, are said to help the prince. So people from all over the country go on pilgrimage to the castle to offer their healing magical flowers. And for that exact purpose the circus was founded: to travel the country and bring joy to the people to make even more powerful magical flowers with healing powers – the Flora – bloom and melt the prince’s heart.

First you go to your old friend Liyan, who owns a national pub chain, always owes you money and shamelessly flirts with you. After Vilio is confused about Radie being a mythical creature and Liyan being a human, you start looking for the other members.

Paschalia got surrounded by a crowd due to his unusual outward appearance and Zafora was dealing information. Then you bump into a bulky scary looking guy, but as you try to run away, it turns out this is Ion, who just wanted to return your handkerchief he picked up. After this little misunderstanding is solved, a little kid bumps into Ion, but runs away in tears – so you are not the only one scared by his presence.

Now that Vilio found his other circus members the next show can start. But out of excitement he cannot hold his fires and accidentally burns the whole circus tent.

Afterwards the circus crew and Jinnia, the manager, discuss their next plan at your restaurant, which gives you the chance to suggest some ideas as well. They are so good, that Jinnia wants to hire you immediately as a producer for their shows.

Of course you don’t want to leave your family, but embraced by the warm hug of your aunt, she explains to you, that ever since your parent’s death when you were five, you seemed as if you froze your heart as well, just like the prince, like an emotionless doll. And she wants you to get to know the world before you decide to continue living this quiet and normal life. 

Encouraged by these loving words you and Radie, as your guardian and protector, join this weird and flashy group of circus crew. 

Not only will you have to make the Floras bloom, but also find out, why less flowers have joy have been blooming.

On the way to the first city you get to know your fellow a bit more: Zafora just joined as he wants to obtain something, Paschalia can’t remember his pact with the water spirit and Ion actually opposes a girl and a furball setting out on this dangerous adventure.


The first city is known as the capital of knowledge, where many researchers live, just like your parents, but who became emotionless and are only interested in research. Thus you decide to recruit mythical creatures, the researchers are interested in, to get their attention for your show. This leads to you being invited by a scientist, who wants to study dragons, like Vilio. But entering his lab you cannot believe your eyes. It is filled with moaning creatures, who are experimented on against their will! Of course you cannot let this be, free the creatures and invite them to take shelter and participate in the circus.

Because you now have to take care of a lot of creatures, Radie calls Liyan to assist you, who turns out to be a creature himself, a wolf.

This all reminds you, how your parents used to be researchers themselves, but you remember being them quite different to the researchers you met today. But then they died in an accident in their lab and never returned. Upon that shock you forgot all memories surrounding this incident as well as most of your early childhood.

Restless you leave your tent at night, bumping into Radie – and seeing him turning human. Is this really Radie? Your fluffy cuddly furball you knew all your life? He immediately tries to comfort you and explain, how he suddenly changed into human form three years ago, but didn’t want to scare you and make your beloved fluffy pet turn male all of the sudden. But of course after a little shock, you understand, this is still the Radie you know and love and give your best to get used to his new appearance, which might not be so bad in the end?

Finally it is time for the show and creatures and the circus members work together in harmony to make the first Flora bloom and help the creatures be more accepted in the city.

So it is time to travel to the next city. But on the way you come across a shadow. A creature born by the sorrowful emotions of humans and everyone who comes in contact with them is lost forever. But luckily Ion is exactly trained to erase these shadows, so you can continue your travels safely.

In the next city, Zafora’s home town, people suddenly went mad and committed crimes seemingly in a daze. Hence people became even too afraid to leave the house.


As soon as you enter the city, Zafora immediately captures a crazy thief attempting to steal your wallet. This is just one of many crazy incidents, which started three years ago.

Zafora seems strangely absent minded and doesn’t even accompany you to meet the ruler of the city, Balto. Balto admits to the unfortunate circumstances in the city, but nevertheless appreciates that being locked at home people have the time to properly do their work in the city of craftsmanship. 

As you reunite with Zafora you find him attacked by a man accusing him of having betrayed and abandoned the city. It turns out, Zafora was the true heir to the ruler family of this city, but ran away a few years ago after his parents apparently killed themselves.

Now he is afraid of being betrayed again and has difficulties trusting people. But you can help him understand, that he cannot help the city if he doesn’t confide in you and lets you help him. So he decides to tell you the whole truth: Balto suggested to him three years ago to go on a trip before he becomes heir to educate himself. But upon his return he finds his parents killed by Balto and hence became an informant to prove Balto’s guilt and find a way to fight him. Not only did he take Zafora’s parents, he also usurped the magical key item of the city – a necklace, which bestowes upon you the power and support of the wind spirit. Owning the necklace creates a link between necklace and owner, which means it cannot be easily taken away. Thus Zafora wants to ask the king for a special gun in return for making the flowers bloom, which magical bullets can break the link of the necklace so Zafora can take his rightful position.

Upon further investigation you find out, that the people who go crazy and commit crimes, smell a strange smell before they go mad. And this smell can be nothing else than the Miraksu herb, which is only allowed to be used by the government, due to its dangers. That is the proof that Balto initiated the incidents, as afraid people are easy to control.

Sadly the evidence is not yet enough and Zafora still needs to wait for the mission of melting the prince’s heart to be a success so the king grants everyone a wish and he can wish for this magical pistol in order to reclaim his birth rights.

For now, you can only try to make people feel at ease and give them hope again and believe in Zafora with your show.


The next city is the city of the water spirit, which used to be the city of love and fine arts. Today it’s the city of tacky proposals and selfishness. It also has an underwater garden, where everyone can breathe and swear eternal love in front of the water spirit or risits devine punishment. There is also a little charm you can obtain as a souvenir which is said to grant a wish.

But here Paschalie realises that the humans keep polluting the sea, as most people lose their abilities to see spirits as children and can’t see the kindness of the water spirits now and don’t even believe in them anymore. So Paschalia wants to conciliate between humans and spirits. Having a pact with a spirit he can easily communicate with them. Thus they start a little campaign, where everyone who picks up trash is allowed to pet Radie and is invited to the next circus show.

They decide to have water spirits on their next show, to make people care about them: they tell the story of crying water spirits until people understand how precious they are, which makes the water spirits so happy, that little water flowers bloom from their hearts.

With every performance the prince’s condition becomes better and he slowly recovers.

The next city is the city of gladiators. At the occasion of the next coronation it was discovered the city’s core item – a magical ring – has been lost during the times of war and corruption three years ago, after which only strength had a worth in this city.


In the city of the fire spirit, the first tries are no success. But then a strange old friend of Ion enters the scene, suggesting holding a deathly combat with a dragon, but such means are of course no possibility for us.

This city is only ruled by the right of the strongest, so much that there regularly are fighting matches until the bitter end. Some of these strong men even come to threaten our circus and want to make us leave, as they lost faith in the kingdom during the times of the revolts and thus want to drive away any outsiders. But at that moment Ion steps up. He isn’t an outsider, he says. Then he takes off his eye patch revealing a dark red mark around his right eye. He also lost his parents and had nowhere to go during the civil war. Thus he was sold as a slave in illegal death matches as he was 12 until 19 years old, where he had to fiith for his life or lose it. Kill or be killed. With no place to go.

With this the men leave, and Ion and we decide to now give a voice to the weak in this city, who have been suppressed for far too long now.

It’s the time of the show. And finally Ion swings his weapon and for the first time he doesn’t see blood splash and despair in the eyes of his opponent, but together with the magic of the other members creates rainbows and conjures smiles on the faces of the audience. In this moment he realises which immense strength lies in the power of making people smile.

This evening we all realise that our travels will come to an end soon. Watching the night sky and spotting shooting stars we all feel reluctant to part. Yet everyone still seems to have their own goals and secrets and you’re the only one wishing for this journey to continue.


Finally the prince begins to speak again, muttering he is lonely. 

The last show is about to start (that exact scene, that was shown at the beginning of the game)

In the final show we tell the story of our country, how the first prince made contracts with the four spirits of wind, water, earth and fire and which lessons we’ve learned on our travels, about cooperation, hope, consideration and strength of the heart. This time you are the main protagonist of the show, deciding how to convince the spirits of their cooperation and by telling a touching story about the value of every soul and the courage of taking the next step forward, you manage to melt the prince’s heart and make him shed his first tear in years. With grateful big eyes he looks at you. But it’s not only his heart, which is melted. Also you yourself realise, how this journey changed you, helped you understand yourself and finally open up to the world.

The prince’s heart has been melted, but he is still in the body of a 7 year old child, though he should be 17 by now. Thus it is decided he will travel with everyone again to grow up. You wish came true.

Normal end: You become Jinnia’s secretary


In the first city you bump into Zafora while he talks about a certain medicine and promptly blurt our that he is an informant. To stop you he declares you as his crazy poor sister.

In the water city you get pushed into the water, your cloths immediately soak water and weigh you down so you can’t emerge anymore. Then you feel a tight grasp and Zafora rescues you out of the water.

After the return to your city, Zafora gifts you a hair pin he obtained during one of his deals and decorates your hair with it. Later he strangely found fitting presents for everyone he just “coincidentally” obtained and would have thrown away otherwise. Luckily Vilio say him pick out the presents, while choosing the hair pin took him the longest.


Though the pressure on Zafora is high and the shadows around his home city keep increasing he still decides to accompany everyone on the next journey, as the preparations for his return aren’t quite done yet. Also Colibus decides he wants Zafora to teach him magic and how to present a show. But being so busy with all these preparations Zafora suddenly falls asleep while you cook him dinner, so you cannot help but stare at his sleeping face and decide you want to support him in every way you can. Suggesting that he actually doesn’t seem opposed to the idea of you cooking for him and will actually ask you to do that more often.

But the next it’s found out Balto went into hiding in the depth of the labyrinth of the wind town.


With Balto hidden in the labyrinth, it will be even more difficult to obtain the necklace. But Colibus wants to try his best to create the special bullets for the magical pistol, in spite of his weak mental health just returned back to a normal life.

Slowly all the other members realise what is going on between you and Zafora, as you sink a lot of your time fighting out how to make his favourite herb teas. Only Raide doesn’t want to hear about this.

The longer Zafora takes to plan his return, the more suspicious the folk people get, but Colibus, as the prince of the country, helps him restore their faith in Zafora.

You also feel the need to support Zafora in every way you can, but don’t know any other way, other than making tea or forcing him to eat, by taking away his documents for work.

So far Zafora found out, that Balto also started poisoning spirits with that madness herb and buys shadows…he also lures Colibus outside to meet him, but Tifalia and Radie find Colibus in time before anything can happen, and get send away by magical winds Balto sent to a far away forest near the water city.


But with the help of Liyan and his werewolf communication you manage to inform the other about your whereabouts. Though Zafora first wants you to stay away for your own safety, Vilio helps you get back into the city in spite of the wall of wind Balto surrounded the city with to prevent anyone from entering or leaving. That sadly doesn’t change the fact you still feel miserable about your helplessness when it comes to supporting Zafora. But later Zafora contacts you to ask for advice and you encourage him to go on. Also it is found out that giving the next show and making the Flora bloom again, might make the prince regain his magical abilities he has drained trying so many times to create the bullets for the gun.


Now Zafora has so much confidence in the success of the show he even makes a bet with Balto about it.

Tired from all the preparations for the show, you sit down together and Zafora lets you rest on his shoulder for a moment, because certainly, when all this is over, he will… – there the other members interrupt him.

In the show Zafora tells a story about the value of peace, while meanwhile the circus tent is attacked by Balto’s army, but your allies from the kingdom help defend the circus.

The show is a success, but somehow Balto still managed to enter the tent. He scattered the madness poison in the whole city, thus disarming every guard. While Colibus desperately tries to make the magical bullets, Balto reveals he has been in contact with shadows and thus also begins the change due to their influence, going mad, wanting to destroy the city and kill everyone in it. But just in time Colibus finishes the magical bullets needed to break the bond between the necklace and Balto. Balto starts using severe wind magic against Zafora, so Tifalia supports him holding the gun and aiming at Balto.

Successfully he recovers the necklace, which now allows him to reclaim his post as the heir of the ruling family in the city.

He finally confesses to you, but leaves after a kiss to take on his duties.

Happy end: one year later without any contact he returns, awkwardly and clumsily asking you whether you want to work for him, actually meaning whether you want to stay by his side. And of course you cannot decline this tempting offer, even less if you take sweet words in exchange for your work.

Normal end: Jinnia sends you one year later to become his secretary.


In the first city you find Paschalia surrounded by researchers and help to talk his way out from being researched by them and promise to help him look for a person who can teach him water magic.

In the second city you go together to the underwater garden, where couples pledge their love. Somehow Paschalia gets mistaken for flirting with a girl by her aggressive partner, so he decides to give you a kiss and say I love you to get rid of that suspicion and gives you the souvenir charm said to grant a wish, which you also give to him.

But staring at his strange hourglass he can’t promise you to stay after the shows are over.

The city of the fire spirit makes him feel insecure about his physical strength and worth as a man, so you show him how big his hand is compared to yours.

Back in the royal capital it turns out Paschalia came to the capital to ask the royals for help, as royals are known for strong magic, but then was scouted by Jinnia.


Colibus wants Paschalia to show him how to make snow, so he can present a flower at the show only he can make bloom.

Talking to Paschalie he reveals he’s afraid that all this has been a dream, so you promise him, even if so, you will come to meet him and welcome him back. Gratefully he gives you a kiss on the hair.

With Paschalia’s help Colibus manages to make snow and ice flowers in the show, but shortly afterwards Paschalia collapses and you hear a faint voice asking you to bring him to a specific spring of a water spirit in his hometown.


Ther the water spirit, who speaks through Paschalia reveals, he merged together with Paschalia in order to save him from an illness that would have made him drie out. Now he is half spirit and needs to find a human with strong magical abilities to make a pact with to save him. 

But as Paschalia’s consciousness returns he’d rather want this journey to end. 

There Colibus steps in willing to form a pact with Paschalia, but Paschalia wouldn’t want to burden him for the rest of his life. So they decide to form a temporary pact until the core item of the water spirit can protect Paschalia. Until then everyone stays at his parents’ house.

In a moment, where it is only you two, you take the courage to confess your feelings to Paschalia. But no matter what you say, he feels bad about burdening you and doesn’t think he is a suitable partner for you.


As you obtain the earrings, the core item, and touch them, suddenly the grand water spirit appears. She promises to help, if you manage to present her a proof of true love.

You have no idea what that is supposed to mean, even though your little charms sparke as proof of that love. So the water spirit asks you how far you would go for love and without hesitation you would die for Paschalia. Paschalia on the other hand doesn’t want to hear that, as he might die any moment and thus is not a good partner for you. He’d much rather be like Vilio, but gets his by Vilio for that remark. Still the water spirit takes you up on your word and hides you somewhere in the water of the water city. Paschalia has until dawn to find you or you will drown.


Paschalia got ripped of his magical abilities, but the other members spread the story of this trial of love in the city and make the Flora bloom with the feelings of motivation by the people, which gets transported to you, before you can lose faith. But Paschalia is still filled with self-hatred swimming though the waters looking for you. But he as well gets motivated by the support of the people and finally admits his feelings he has towards you. This mutual acceptance makes your charm lighten up and guide him the way. In the last second Paschalia find you and kisses you. Delighted by the proof of your love, the water spirit blesses you, which is known as the true spirit marriage.

Now Paschalia sees to reason to hold back anymore and kisses you so much you can’t breathe.

Ascending from the waters it turns out, the whole town and every circus member watched your underwater reunion, so you swiftly return in the water, as with the blessing of the water spirit Paschalia is healed and you can breathe underwater.

Happy ending: you have a surprise marriage ceremony and turn your aunt’s restaurant into an inn for lovers, where you continue to work together

Normal ending: You make a circus show about your story and Paschalia gets jealous at a guy trying to flirt with you after the show.


In the first city Ion doesn’t want you to tag along with him collecting information, as he will scare everybody away. But he helps you carry your bags and cooks deliciously for everyone. He thought he could only fight and never make anybody smile, but you point out he is able to make people smile with his cooking.

Radie also want to train him how to smile, but his training doesn’t quite pay off.

Ion takes him the little creature Fio and cooks for him.

In the wind city you find a guy who trades shadows and help a guy opening a boy without breaking it – because Ion knows too well: once something is broken it can never be mended again.

In the water city you coincidentally come across a marriage ceremony, where Ion catches the flower bouquet for you before it can harm you, but immediately gives it to you once he hears it’s supposed to be caught by women.

In the fighting city you meet the warden of Ion’s friend Avi, Luna, who shows you a mark of courage she is immensely proud of (same as “swallow a human”- the same that surrounds Ion’s right eye. As Ion hears about that he gets extremely agitated. Because all people with this mark have to obey whatever the owner of the city’s core item, a ring, commands them to do. Even kill their loved ones. And that was the real reason why Ion opposed her coming on the trip. He is too dangerous, and doesn’t want to hurt any more people. He wants nothing more than to find that ring and let it be safeguarded by the country.

Returning to your aunt, Ion helps out with cooking and gets invited to inherit the restaurant.

But he feels he can’t move on until the mark is erased. Until then he can never trust himself. But you promise to help him move on.


Ion seems like a father to Colibus and the idea of being family with him makes you smile so much that Colibus asks you whether you are in love. 

Colibus’ first show is a success thanks to the lesson he learned from Ion. But Ion is now to be removed from the group not to put the prince in danger and the king shows everyone that Ion is a man in chains.

Naturally everyone wants Ion to be with them and Jinnia reveals he has counter measures to the ring’s command and will take full responsibility. So finally the king asks Ion what it is, what he wants to do. That is Ion’s first free choice in his life. And he decides to stay with the circus.

And he promises not to leave and stay by your side at his own free will.

Together with Ion you start looking for the ring in Kureta’s black market. At night you meet him outside and you snug up together drinking tea. Ion wonders what he will do once the ring is secured, as he has never thought about that and he has no place to go, no real home. Placing your hand on his, you reply his place is by your side. But then you realise what you just said and back off, saying it was just because your aunt invited him. Ion keeps thinking about what he would do if he wouldn’t need to worry about his mark. He just wants so take a normal stroll, smell the scent of flowers and be together with you, living a perfectly normal life.

Next day you find out, tha Balto bought the ring. As Zafora knows he would never give up the ring like that, you sneak into Balto’s chambers, just to find him murdered. By no one else, but sweet

Luna. And she was commanded by Ion’s old friend Avi, who knew Balto wanted to use the ring to kill Colibus. But now he makes Ion strangle Tifalia.

Shortly before your strength leaves you, you put your hand on Ion’s cheek, looking into his sad eyes, who look as if they were crying. In that moment Jinnia releases his magical powers to break the command spell for a second and Ion comes to his senses, letting you fall to the ground gasping for air. He can only mutter an apology before Avi commands him to leave.


10 years ago Ion’s parents passed away and he was tricked by a fighting club and then sold as a slave, in a time where the public order was in disarray. As his parents always taught him to use his strength to protect people and not harm any he disobeyed at first, until he got marked with the seal of the ring, which made him unable to disobey. After that he only feels as if he could neither protect his parents teachings nor your smile now…

But together with Ion, who was known as fighting god, Avi wants to revive the good old fighting slave times and tries to convince Ion that his friends now hate him anyway. But still Ion is not willing to give up that easily.

He is made to fight Paschalia, who got captured by Avi together with Vilio, but manages not to kill. Only Radie was able to escape to inform the other circus members and leads them to their cells. But Luna sees them and allows them to escape and even lets you speak to Ion, after you say you love Ion. Luna feels similar about Avi, as he took her in after she lost her parents, gave her food and shelter, though she was just a weak orphan. So she is happy to obey his command and thinks the mark of the ring is a mark of courage, because her father, who also was marked, always told her that.

Through the bars of the cell Ion and you hold hands and you confess your feelings to him and try to encourage him to think about what he wants, not what the mark allows him, encourage him to see a goal in breaking free, instead of yielding to his fate. And all he wishes for is to hug you.

Witnessing this touching scene of love, Luna is touched yet confused, how the mark can be something bad to make you suffer. So Ion reveals to her, that he knew her father, who greatly suffered from the mark as a fighting slave, but didn’t want his little girl to know about his grief. So he acted as the hero instead of the villain.  In despair about this truth Luna attempts to cut the mark, but knowing that wouldn’t cut her free, so she just cries in your arms.


Avi on the other hand is envious of Ion’s pure heart and can’t let go of the past. As he was made to kill his weaker brother, who was commanded by the ring. And if these times of the illegal slave fights would be forgotten, then also his brother and all the other sacrifices would be for nothing. That is why he wants to revive these dire times.

Yet Ion has to fight Vilio, who encourages him to believe in himself, making him resist more, knowing what and who he wants to protect. Then suddenly the fight is hijacked by Jinnia and the other members, disrupting the fight and start flooding the cellar. Vilio and Radie can only shortly stop Avi before he commands Ion to kill you. Fearless you hug him and his strong love for you makes him resist the command long enough. Fed up by the intrusion Avi fights Ion himself, wanting to relive the feelin of the slavery fights and lashes out on Ion. In that moment you step in again and tough the ring Avi has been carrying. With every additional mark the binding power of the ring grows weaker. So this action gives Ion the chance to break free from the command, defeat Avi and obtain the ring.

Shortly afterwards Ion collapses in your arms, dreaming of your normal future together.

A few days later after everything has calmed down a bit, Ion gets angry at you for getting the mark. But you camly reply you want to be happy together with him, as well as suffer together. And you are not alone in that. The other circus members pass around the ring, and everyone gives themselves a mark, to weaken the binding effect.

1 year later Luna is taken in by your aunt and every circus member chases their own dreams.

Ion comes home to the restaurant, but you suppress the urge to immediately hug him, as you first want him to say “I’m home”, to make him realise this is the place where he belongs, his true home, now. Talking about the letters of the other loveable members, Ion gets jealous at you loving words and only wants you to look at him, kissing you passionately.

“Normal” end: Ion kills you and makes Colibus freeze his heart before he can hurt anybody else. So the circus members set out again to find a way to melt Ion’s heart and wake you up from your coma.


After the shock of seeing your pet in human form, you cannot help but think that he looks quite attractive as a human and not quite like a big brother.

As he covers you from the rain with his jacket, you suddenly have a flashback of him and your mother – must have been your imagination. You don’t want him to get wet, he wants to protect you, you both worry about each other.

Radie is interested in whether you have already been in love, but he wouldn’t deem any of the circus members acceptable anyways. Eating cake together to take the chance to ask him about his type, too, but he only wants someone to eat cake together with. So he teases you with this being a date, but neither of you have an interest in other relationships as long as you have each other.

But still seeing him petted by many people in the water city as a reward for picking up trash, makes you feel kind of jealous.

As you worry about Radie leaving you to go on travels again, like he did before you met, he immediately notices your concern, takes your hand and promises to stay by your side until you grow up.

Upon the return to your home, your aunt makes Radie spit the whole truth: he was taken in by your parents, but trying to save them he used up all his energy and was only able to maintain his furball form. So actually his powers to transform into a human recovered three years ago. His real name is Rarida, but he didn’t want to evoke painful memories connected to your parents, so he changed his name. Because the shock of the loss of your parents traumatised you so immensely, you became unable to laugh and it took Rarida years to finally make you smile again with his special dance. Did he only stay by your side because of guilt, you wonder? So you tell him, he doesn’t have to stay with you anymore.


Rarida opposes your next trip as a foster parent, but you don’t want him as a parent anyway and run into Liyan’s arms. He then acts like kissing you and wants you to imagine Rarida to help you realise your feelings. That moment Rarida barges in and gets furious as he will deem no one acceptable for you.

But now that you have realised your feelings, you confess to him, which he first treats like a joke. But upon insisting he tries to convince you, that you are just confused, that he can’t make you happy and begs you not to ask any more from him.

In the next show Colibus tells the story of how the earth spirit made a huge tree for humans and creatures to live together in harmony.

Suddenly Rarida wants to leave the circus after that show.


From that tree the earth city’s core item was made- a wand. But this wand is losing its powers and Rarida is the only one who might be able to help. After he saw something in the research lab that is connected to Tifalia, he decides to help out, but doesn’t want to tell her what this is all about. But Vilio thinks she has the right to know and leads her to –

Her parents are in a coma because they tried to enter the island of dragons and got cursed. Together with Rarida Vilio can lift the curse and revive your parents.

Rarida confesses he is a golem, a puppet, made out of the earth magic of the wand.

But now that she has got her parents back, he is convinced he isn’t needed anymore, despite you telling him that you want to be with him, he just wants to see you smile.

This evening you take Rarida in his furbal form and cuddle with him in bed, looking forward to your next adventure.

But the next morning he’s gone, left you with nothing more than a kiss on your forehead.


You find him in the research lab, with no memories of the past years and no emotions. He decided to return the earth magic, which gave him emotions and a heart to the wand. He always thought her real parents must be more important to her than him, a puppet.

But as Liyan takes the chance to heavily flirt with you again, the person, who used to be Rarida stops him from touching you. So there is hope his memories and character might return. And that hope is making the Flora bloom again.


And with every Flora you make bloom again, his memories return. But neither his heart nor his character.

Still he also protects the restaurant against drunken men, which was the most previous place for Rarida, which means somewhere in his heart must still be these warm memories.

He also remembered how you used to smile while he patted your head, but is confused that this time, you only show him a sad smile, as he wants you to smile happily again. And he still gets jealous when someone else is touching you.

As you accidentally burn the pancakes you made for Rarida, the memories of his old self eating the pancakes makes him smile and he actually enjoys the taste. Just seeing this makes your flower of joy bloom in your heart. Caressing this flower he realises he wants to kiss your lips and also old Rarida felt the same when parting and kissing your forehead. But what does this mean? What does he think now? In that moment he understands he actually learned the all encompassing feeling of love, the earth spirit always wanted him to understand and feel.

In the last show, where they reenact Rarida’s story they make him turn human, which makes Rarida realise that this is his actual wish, to be together with Tifalia as a mortal human. The moment this thought crosses his mind, the earth spirit grants his wish. His research was a success.

Happy end: It still takes Rarida quite while to finally confess to you.

Normal end: Rarida doesn’t fully realise his feelings and you stay together as family


Vilio just fell down from the sky, fresh from his dragon island and thus is fascinated by human customs and easily delighted. So you teach him how to behave normally.

In shock due to Radie’s revelation it is Vilio explaining to you that everyone has their secrets, but that doesn’t change who they are.

In the city of the wind spirit you coincidentally find Vilio in the forest in his dragon form – devouring shadows. This dies his figure black and also his hair until he purifies his body and in this way tries to purify the land from the shadows.

But Jinnia warns you not to fall in love with him, as he has a tough fate with the shadows increasing, even inside the cities.

So you want him to teach you fighting and wonder how he is still able to smile with the burden he is carrying, of having to purify the shadows and save the world.

He even has to go that far as to kill Avi, who started to change after an encounter with a shadow. Vilio says he killed him, but Radie sees it more that he rescued them.

After you successfully melted Colibus’ heart the full scope of Vilio’s mission is revealed.

Just like the master dragon 1000 years ago, Vilio as well, as a master dragon, has to purify the earth. But 1000 years ago that was only possible with the help of the power of every grand spirit. Turns out, this strange bunch of circus members is not a coincidence, every one of them has a special connection to either of the spirits and their core items to eventually help seal the shadows. But Vilio isn’t happy about that at all, he actually wanted to leave the circus not to involve them any further in his difficult and dangerous mission.


Not only does Vilio know about all the secrets of the other members, he also knows about your parents and helps revive them. Now Rarida sees his chance to sacrifice himself in order to help Vilio. And everybody else as well tries to support Vilio while he eats the shadows.

Meanwhile your parents make you realise you are in love with Vilio.


The charm you gifted Vilio helps him to stomach all the destructive feelings eating the shadows causes him.

Nevertheless he collapses after the next show, due to the power of all the shadows he ate overwhelming him.

Now is the time for everyone to get a hold of the core items in order to stop Vilio from being engulfed by the shadows.


For that Balto must be killed, as he is about to shadow-change.

The water spirit is deeply worried, as the last master dragon died after eating too many shadows.

You ask him to share his powers with you, the so-called dragon marriage, so you would be able to help him out, but at this state that would weaken him too much. Vilio doesn’t want to transform you, as he wants you to treasure that you are normal. So all you can do at the moment is cook for him. On the way to ask your parents for help, their lab is attacked by shadows and trying to protect a child you get hit by one.


What did just happen? Your vision gets blurry. With your last strength you make it to Vilio. Crying, you ask him to abandon his mission and stay with you. That is when he notices the shadows made you speak your darkest thoughts and asks you to come to your senses. But you know that these thoughts are also partly true, you don’t want to see Vilio harmed in spite of his important mission. Because you love him. Moved by your confession and desperate not to lose you, Vilio kisses you…

You wake up in a strange sparkly place.

Vilio brought you to the dragon island, as that kiss sealed your marriage and you now have the power to see spirits.


There you learn, that the core of the former master dragon might help Vilio out, but first you will have to go through the trials of the four grand spirits you take on together with Colibus.

At the end of the cave you encounter Arteil, the first prince of the country. And his deepest regret is that he was not able to save his dragon friend. That is why he lends you his light powers and makes Colibus grow up. Hence also the former master dragon gives you his crystal and sword. He acknowledges that this time around the current master dragon has the best of friends, who might be able to save him.

With your new powers and everyone’s core items you rush to Vilio, who is about to lose it due to too many shadows he devoured. Every member wields their core item and together you are able to save Vilio from transforming permanently.

After that he allows himself to be happy and wishes for a normal life with you.

Happy ending: You have marriage ceremony in the next show

Normal ending: You don’t manage to save Vilio and have to seal him – and that is the story you continue to tell the little dragons on the island – including the next master dragon.

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