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Radiant Tale Review


In a peaceful world governed by the royal family, humans, phantom beasts, and spirits coexist. Due to the spread of magical tools even non-magic wielding humans live a rich life. The people of the city Artail offer the flower [Chloris] to prince Colives. All for the sake of melting his heart, which has remained frozen and stopped his growth at the age of seven.

[Chloris] A magical flower that blooms according to the feelings of joy. It is said to have the effect of melting the prince’s heart.

[Flora] is the improved version of [chloris] having dozen times more therapeutic effect. But it does not easily bloom, requiring a lot of joyful feelings to blossom.

The government decided to form an entertainment group (circus) to successfully bloom flora with the people’s immense feelings of happiness. It hasn’t been as successful as they wish. So far the circus crew consists of¾ a messy dragon who makes crying children laugh, a clown who doesn’t make anybody laugh, an acrobat who doesn’t know how to entertain, a water spirit who doesn’t know how to use magic, and a drunken furball… The unmotivated leader thinks what they need is an ordinary girl.

She joins the circus on a quest to make flora bloom with the power of laughter and joy!


MC Tifalia

Tifalia lost her family and was taken in by her aunt. She is an ordinary girl who works in the small shop [Ribel]. She has a strong sense of responsibility but can sometimes be stubborn. She was happy with her peaceful ordinary life, until a mysterious group called [circus] turned her ordinary life extraordinary. As the circus new producer she need to get to know these strange guys while also making sure the show is a success.

Radie (mascot)

Radie is a reliable companion and like family to Tifalia. He is always there to help her out leading him to join circus as its’ mascot. He is not very cute when talking but is popular with children. Wanting to hide from Tifalia he remains in his mascot form. Luckily, he changes into human form more often during their journey together. As they have known each other for 10 years, it will be interesting to see how their relationship evolves from one filled with familial affection to romantic love. Can he bridge the gap between mascot and man? 

Voice actor: Okamoto Nobuhiko岡本 信彦 (Yang in Piofiore, Peter in Cupid Parasite)


A young dragon running as fast as the wind. He has a bright, straight forward, and honest personality. Facing his problems directly he can be a bit naïve at times. Living on an island isolated from the continent he doesn’t have much common sense, leading his behavior to confuse people. Being a very rare phantom beast dragon should make him the center piece of the circus. Yet his sudden rampage doesn’t always allow things to work out.

His route unlocks after playing the other four.

Voice Actor: Uchida Yuuma内田 雄馬 (Yosuga in Olympia Soirée, Ulen in Cendrillon palikA)


A calm and knowledgeable young man working as an informant. There seems to be something he wants to obtain, so he sold himself to Jinnia. Now he is the circus’ clown. He seems like a good guy, but he usually keeps a distance from his surroundings with his twisted personality and sharp tongue.

Voice actor: Enoki Jun’ya榎木 淳弥 (Ryuki in Cupid Parasite, Tsubameno in Nil Admirari no Tenbin)


A young man with a soft and gentle atmosphere. He can be a bit stiff at times and even dangerous. There is no doubt that he has a contract with a water spirit, yet he doesn’t seem to remember much about it. Jinnia scouted him for his beautiful appearance and ability to use water magic. But he is not good at using his magic and doesn’t wish to use it much.

Voice actor: Enoki Junya 榎木 淳弥 (Sage in Nekopara, Rain in Shiro to Kiro no Arisu, Serge in Gensou Manege, Yousuke in Tlicolity Eyes)

He definitely seems mysterious, but maybe even a bit too feminine for me.


Ion is much more my type. He is a performer in charge of acrobatic performances, who once belonged to the former security corps. He opposes the participation of an ordinary town girl (Tifalia) because traveling is dangerous. Often being mistaken for a scary person due to his sharp eyes and powerful appearance, underneath lies a mild-mannered man who is good at cooking with a clumsy personality.

Voice actor: Azakami Youhei阿座上 洋平 (Minoru in Tokimemo 4)

He seems nice, like a little tsundere combined with older brother.


Jinnia is not an LI.

He`s a free spirit who loves fashion and luxury and is responsible for the recovery of the flora, but he does not seem too motivated. But from time to time, he can show his true potential and become a dependable person.

Voice Actor: Kondou Takashi近藤 隆 (Shiba in Ephemeral Fantasy on Dark, Subaru in Diabolik Lovers)


Lyan is also not an LI.

He’s the owner of a large chain store that is to be found in every city. He tries to flirt with Tifalia every time, but she can’t tell how serious he actually is.


I can imagine the prince to be the secret route, once the other characters are completed and he turns 17 again.


The character design is by the same person who did Variable Barricade, Reine des Fleurs, Wand of Fortune, Will o Wisp(Usuba Kageroo薄葉 カゲロー); so was the producer (Iwata Shinobuいわた 志信).


For the tone of the game I’d like to reference the comments of the musicians:

I think the song is a song that expresses the positive power that is not defeated by the fear and anxiety of a new adventure.

A dramatic ending with gentle lyrics that affirm all the painful pasts you have experienced in your adventure and a powerful and ephemeral melody line.

I sang with gratitude to my friends who have survived the trip and the energetic feeling of continuing to run into the future. Excitement, such as fun adventures, gorgeous worlds, hardships, conflicts, bonds with friends.

The only thing im not sure of is the tone of the game, it looks super colourful and bright and the quest is to fill people with joy to make the flower bloom and melt the frozen heart of the prince. But! A frozen heart sounds kind of sad and the musicians talke about anxiety and hardships.

On top of that there are also the shadows, that pose a threat to the blooming of the flower, as they are born from sorrow and negativ emotions.

So my guess is that it will feel like a colourful fairytail, full of joy and amazement, but also like an emotional journey about friendship and happiness.

(Setting and Character descriptions edited by Amanda)

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