Tengoku Struggle Strayside – Expectations

Tengoku Struggle Kiss CGS

Release Date: 30th June 2022!


In a future world, with a faint connection between the human world and the underworld, suddenly sinners escaped from hell and our protagonist as the daughter of the king of hell is to capture them and therefore has to enter the human world. While the sinners try to escape from their penalty and trying to wash away their sins with a magical string, it’s unclear what will happen to the humans who have been promised heaven and what these grave sinners are plotting.



The MC died with 19 years, but has no memories of her previous life before hell, and then was adopted by the King of Hell and always is accompanied by a cat soul, who is actually an apprentice for the prison of hell.

For her young age she seems very feisty and I’m sure she already has experienced a lot in hell.


Tamao, the mascot, died immediately after it was born and was picked up by the MC as she found her aimlessly wandering around in hell. Since then the two have been together and Tamao loves the MC very much.

Voice actor: Satou Gen佐藤 元


Goemon, another prison guard, died with the age of 28 and was a master thief, who also was called chivalrous gentleman thief. But now he has become a great villain who has fallen into the deepest realm of hell. What might be the reason for his sin?

Sounds like the poster boy or like Lupin, a flirty thief, but I’m definitely more than curious in which way he has sinned and why he has fallen so deep.

The voice actor (Yashiro Taku八代 拓) also voices Adolphe in Shuuen no Virche or Raul in Cupid Parasite.


The foreigner Yona served at the navy before dying with 23. Judging form his appearance he might be cold and adventurous, maybe even a tsundere.

VA: Suzuki Ryouta鈴木崚汰


Sharaku died with the age of 18 and was a painter in his former life, who loves spending money, but would also be the perfect house husband who loves to clean.

For me his looks contradict with his description. With his dice he looks super cool and sexy, and not like someone who likes household chores. But I definitely wouldn’t complain about that!

And he’s voiced by the VA (Ishikawa Kaito石川 界人) from Dante in Piofiore.


Kikunosuke is the youngest of the LIs, who died 17 years old and also was a thief. What makes him special is his ability to turn in to a wolf – that’s why he is depicted with the mask, I suppose – and that he strains his budget with his big appetite.

Also taking the VA into account, he sounds like a lovely puppy dog with the cool wolf twist, definitely interesting.

He is voiced by Yves from Shuuen no Virche or Outarou fom Kimi Yuki (Saitou Souma斉藤 壮馬)


Jack is shrouded in mystery. Except that he was a famous singer and songwriter in the old days of videos – tha’ts why I think the setting is way in the future – and also tried a bit of novel writing, nothing private is known about him.

Ok, that might be the true route. I dont know, design wise he looks a bit boring to me…

But his VA (Furukawa Makoto古川 慎) will also appear in Even if Tempest and also voiced Kazuma in Lover Pretend and Allan In Cupid Parasite!

Overall thoughts

And concerning the team, the game has the same scenario writer, director and artist as in Olympia Soirée and Nil Adimirari no Tenbin, and I love these games! So I’m super happy they are developing a game together again and I’m more than hyped, because I already know I will love it quite literally to death.

I hope the tone will be a bit darker, though it only got a CERO C ranking, so it probably won’t be a steamy as Nil Admirari or Olympia Soirée.

“That was helpful!

To show my appreciation I’m gonna purchase the game via Lin’s amazon link to support her!”

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