Tengoku Struggle Plot

This plot summary is based on my own impressions of the game, thus is biased and tainted by my lacking Japanese skills. There will be mistakes and plot holes, as the game was too difficult for me, but I nonetheless want to give everyone a chance to see what this game is like, with my little summary. But read at your own discretion.

Common route

The game starts with seeing Goemon burning and Enma having the faint hope they will fall in love again to mend their bonds.


Rin is freshly graduated from hell prison guard college and her friend Shichi explains her how the layers of hell work. The worse the sin, the deeper you fall into hell and the more severely you are punished.

Rin hates all men, as all men in hell are utter scoundrels and she wants them to be punished severely. The only positive encounter she had was was Goemon saved her from falling into the river of hell.


Little does she know she will soon encounter him again, as five prisoners escaped from hell with the help of a heavenly string that frees them from their sins. Together with Goemon and three other sinners from different layers of hell Rin is to capture the escaped prisoners.

Her adventurous trusted cat Tama accompanies her and has to keep an eye on them to report back to Enma. Enma also hopes Rin will discover her hidden power on earth, as every one in hell has one special power, but she didn’t find hers yet.

Now she will live together with them on earth in Asakusa, but they still are in handcuffs not to get any ideas. They find out the first escaped prisoner seems to be connected to Goemon and the others are probably hiding at her temple. But as they are now under heaven’s jurisdiction they cannot easily be captured.

As soon as our four LIs are out of Enma’s sight, they defy and insult Rin, threatening to attack her, if she doesn’t leave them alone. They all hate women as they deceive and are weak. Not wanting to cry for her papa’s help immediately, Rin is now frightened to leave her room, but someone sends her sandwiches so she can at least eat a bit. She wonders if staying on earth will also make her regain her memories. On the one hand she wants to know about her past, but on the other hand she’s also afraid of learning about it.


The next morning the situation is still tense. Though Goemon tries to mediate between the parties, Yona again threatens to rape her, but due to the handcuffs she can easily strike him with electric shock and Tama threatens to bite off the best parts of everyone who dares to lay their hands on Rin.

Hearing though that she suffered through all the stages of hell during her education makes them respect her a bit more. And Nono sensei convinces them that only cowards would oppose to working with her.

Meeting the highest priest of heaven, Kamuro, he tells Rin, he was deceived by the first escaped prisoner, Shinobikuni, and accidentally dropped the heavenly string.

On the way back home they save a little boy Shin from robbers trying to take his camera, but he quickly runs away.


Finally they get a hold of Shinobikuni and her accomplice Asaemon and Yona and Kiku try to fight him, but don’t stand a chance against his sword attacks. They get so badly hurt, that only the magical onsen Nono sensei brought with water from hell can heal them.

Tama takes the time to explain that the LIs have been in hell for so long, that usually their souls should have vanished by now, but they seem to have exceptionally strong attachments to their former life.

Also Rin seems to remember the smell of winter daphne, which makes her cry to the surprise of Goemon.


The next day Goemon and Rin have to help out at the hell’s amusement park, where they meet an old friend of Goemon, Shiroku, and a human clown.

Wandering around town she saves a man dressed in black from jumping int the well to kill himself. But the well is buried anyway and did he really try to kill himself?

As they return home Kiku and Yona turned the living room into a beach, very much angering Sharaku, who is very particular about cleaning. But after they got so badly hurt they don’t feel like capturing the prisoners anymore. Somehow they can agree on moving the beach up to the roof top and Rin tells them how important it is to her to protect everyone and thus convinces them to stay, though they would never admit they also started to like her.


The next morning Sharaku is still busy with cleaning up their mess, Goemon brews coffee for everyone, Kiku makes onigiri, and Rin realises they are not all bad. Coming together they want to set rules for living together: Sharaku wants a strict cleaning plan, Rin will wash her own underwear though, Kiku doesn’t want Yona to use his soap, Tama wants a cat tree and dreams of biting all the guys. Rin wants to update the prison rules, as she starts to trust these quirky bunch of guys.

Jack has a special announcement in his broadcast, summoning his viewers to the plaza, where Shinobukuni heals the wounds of a former actor (the clown Rin met at the amusement park), Tatsumi. With this show she launches an app, that is to give everyone salvation so they can go to heaven after they die. Either by performing good deeds or by donating to the app. Also Kiku’s sister Azami advertises this app, as she also escaped hell. At this point Kamuro asks them to help him, as the heaven doesn’t have the means to fight.


The next morning everyone cooks and cleans for her and bought her warabimochi, her favourite food, to cheer her up.

Helping out at Nono sensei’s restaurant, serving food feels strangely familiar to her. Nono sensei saves her from being attacked by Asaemon and brings her to Enma to test her strength. There she learns that the special powers of the others are diminished due to the string of attachment holding them down and binding them to their old life. Only if she can solve these attachments, the powers of the LIs will grow stronger to be able to fight the escaped prisoners. And that is where Rin’s secret power comes into play. Her power is to alleviate others suffering, by suffering for them, when she touches their mark of power, with her tongue, where her mark of power is placed, as she fell into hell for lying. Thus her task is to get closer to them, strengthen their bonds and loosen their attachments. If she succeeds in doing this and returning the prisoners back to hell, Enma will make her soul eternal so she’ll never have to worry about vanishing from hell one day.

As the LIs hear about this they strongly oppose, as no one would want to see her hurt. But she convinces them she is strong and will grow even stronger.

They then start making themselves at home, buying a grill, matching coffee cups and individual furniture. Nono sensei also presents them a gym and torture room to stay in shape. After all this work the boys decide to enjoy the onsen and Rin buys a bathing suit not to be excluded and they agree on calling her ojou from now on.

Obtaining a smartphone by Nono sensei with the AI Hari, the next step is to give Hari the blood of the LIs so it can analyse the strength of their bonds and Hari tells her, she’ll have to kiss the marks of the LIs to fully unlock her power of suffering instead of them.


Sharaku is the type of guy to get flustered over a vacuum cleaner (he literally blushes when he sees a good one).

After Shinobikuni says to Rin, her face looks like she’s bound by love, Rin starts worrying about whether her face looks weird.

Afterwards she fights with Sharaku over the expensive vacuum cleaner he bought and instinctively takes out her whip, though she actually doesn’t want to use it against the LIs.


Shichi is in love with a man she met once, but has lost all her other friends, which makes Rin wonder whether falling in love wouldn’t be that bad.

She apologises to Sharaku for using her whip, as she wants to get closer to him. For Sharaku getting closer between a man and a woman would mean heaving sex. So he pushes her against the wall, asking whether she doesn’t want to sleep with him. Of course Rin didn’t have anything like that in mind and has to shock him with the handcuffs for him to let her go.

Sharaku thinks she doesn’t really hate men, but just isn’t used to them and might have been someone’s wife. This word triggers a memory of a man saying he would never marry a girl like her.

Later that day Sharaku washes Tama in the onsen and offers to wash Rin’s hair as well, which she declines but nevertheless sticks in her mind.


As Jack tries to sweet talk her, Sharaku interferes. After a woman said to her how good looking Sharaku is, Rin keeps staring at him until he asks her whether she wants him, which makes her run away. Wanting to get closer she returns and they make a bet. He’ll role with his dice and depending on the outcome they’ll stick to her or his method of getting closer. Luckily she wins and they decide to get to know each other better. He asks about her favourite food and favourite underwear, she finally asks him about his past. He reveals he never had a girl dear to him, as he killed 13 women. But as she afterwards finds him gently brushing Kiku’s wolf form she wonders how these gentle hands could kill.


Enma tells Rin, he supports her falling in love and even staying on earth if she wishes.

Once again she has to help out at the hell amusement park, where Sharaku compliments her butt in her outfit. There Sharaku sells the water from the onsen as magical match making water and they meet a girl, whose boyfriend disappeared visiting the temple.

They soon find out Shinobikuni used to be a courtesan and the temple was built where she killed the monk who took her in.

After she tells Goemon about his new information, Sharaku finds Goemon sneaking out of her room and teases him about sleeping with Rin. Goemon just murmurs he wouldn’t mind, bur couldn’t as everything was probably his fault.


These days Rin’s heart starts pounding heavily when together with Sharaku. And he also starts treating her more nicely wanting to improve their relationship, but knows he has difficulty trusting others. He then tells her he actually killed some of the women he drew for a living. But as he even gives her hair gloss and strokes her hair, she still cannot believe that these gentle hands actually killed, and can’t suppress a little moan, when he touches her ear. Bewildered by her noise he quickly leaves, not wanting to pin her down and being convinced loving each other wouldn’t be good for her.


Gradually Rin starts thinking about him more often and he starts smiling at her more often, as well as asking her from time to time, whether she wants to sleep with him.

From Kamuro Rin learns Shinobikuni was actually raped by the monk she killed.

As Sharaku brings her special hair oil again, she takes the courage to tell him about her memory. She is convinced she must have been a hateful woman, but Sharaku is sure, she was badly hurt in her past life.


Sharaku invites Rin to a date in school uniform, as he knows wearing such an uniform has been her dream. As Jack’s manager wants to scout her he drives him away and steals a kiss in the photo booth. She runs away almost crying and decides to hate men again. But later they meet again and Sharaku unravels his whole past. In order to buy himself free, he painted pictures of women. Thus he met some women, who were terminally ill and suffered a lot, who asked him to kill them. And to that day he cannot tell, whether this decision was right or wrong. Rin wants him to help find an answer to this as only then he can be truly judged and free. He suddenly brakes out into pain due to the string of attachments, but as she kisses the mark on his eye, his pain vanishes and she sees parts of his past and present thoughts.


Some time later they learn the boyfriend of the girl in the amusement park returned, but all changed, until he spit blood in form of a spider, but Nono sensei can heal him with the onsen.

He also sees that Sharaku has now formed a new attachment, which is his love to Rin.

So Sharaku tries to face Asaemon with the help of Rin, but looses anyway. Their bond is not deep enough yet.


A few days later a boy is found killed by Asaemon, to whom this was just a failed experiment of controlling humans. Again Sharaku tries to fight Asaemon, but gets distracted whenever Rin is in pain taking his damage due to her powers. Asaemon just scuffs, as this was always Sharaku’s weakness, being too nice. Knowing Sharaku’s weakness, Sharaku loses against Asaemon again. They are so badly hurt, that only Tama finding them can save them from dying. But Nono warns Sharaku, that the next time he losses his soul won’t take it and he will vanish.

While Sharaku can live with this thought, Rin cannot and desperately asks him to sleep with her, not wanting him to vanish. He pinky swears not to vanish and would want the dice decide whether he loves her. But after he leaves the bath, he is in strong pain again, whispering that he loves her.


By accident Rin meets the sister of a girl, Sharaku killed, who conveys her gratitude to the man who saved her sister and who is convinced he still is doing good deeds and saving people. Shortly later Rin witnesses Sharaku being in pain and kisses his eye again. But this time the eye is not enough for him and he kisses her. Almost unable to hold back not to go any further, he makes her promise to give herself to him once he defeated Asaemon.

Now with their bond strengthened he faces Asaemon again, who tells Sharaku that all punishments are unjust. But Sharaku knows he only saved these girls in the hope someone will save him some day. So there is no noble crime and he has been searching for a way to make up for his sins. Determined to protect Rin he can finally defeat Asaemon


Now all that is left, is for them to connect. Sharaku convinces her to stay home, as she won’t be able to walk once he’s done with her and makes her admit she wants him too.

Bad end

Both die in the fight against Asaemon, but taking her little finger they promise to meet again.

20 years later he happens to draw her and the recognise each other.


Though Kiku starts out bratty and doesn’t want outsiders to meddle in the affair with his little sister, he soon tells Rin, that their parents were killed after they were born, but the killers wanted to raise them so Azami could bear children one day. Running away Azami was shot and Kiku can’t fathom why she would be sent to hell, being such a cute and quiet girl, very different to how she is today, and even was a hell level deeper than Kiku.


Azami herself wouldn’t mind dying though.

Having a midnight snack, Kiku is impressed Rin accepts him how he is. And they even play a game together to get closer. On the way back he buys her nail polish and gets so excited about it, his ears appear.


Kiku then tells her he actually met Nono sensei, as he fell into hell by accident, but was then saved by Nono.

Kiku loves Rin’s new mermaid nails, but hates that fairy tale as he would never make the girl he loves cry.


As Azami took a liking to Rin, they go out together wearing school uniforms, but catch Shin taking pictures at them, what makes Azami snap wishing him to die as you can’t trust humans. Kiku finds them and again his ears show up seeing Rin in the school uniform. He immediately makes friends with Shin as they are fans of the same game and wants him to be his first real friend.

At the same time humans have been attacking people from hell, as they think their sins can be purified by the app no matter what.

Kiku now wants to grow stronger to be able to protect his sister this time around.


Enma wants Rin to fall in love forming an attachment, which will stop her from vanishing. Kiku would be very interested, but just asks about her type to look for a suitable boyfriend for her. At that point Enma appears randomly talking about how bad he’d torture someone who would hurt his little girl.


The next day Tama sees Ayami talking to cats, which means she also still has powers similar to Kiku, but Goemon thinks Kiku is still hiding something.

After being too long in the onsen, Kiku faints and turns into a wolf. Rin gives him ice ans caresses him, until he suddenly turns back into a human – all naked. Now all she can think about is his skin.


Kiku now has a job in the spook house in the hell amusement park, where they somehow end up falling on top of each other. When his marks starts shining Rin kisses it finding out he was forced to steal.

At night they find Azami mind controlling the mascot of the amusement park and make him attack Kiku. As even Tama is mind controlled and attacks Rin, Nono sensei steps in and gives them another week, to capture Azami or the mission will fail and Rin lose her status as a prison guard.


Ashamed by attacking his dear owner, Tama runs away, but everyone helps looking for him.

Jack’s manager is convinced all the people who use the app are just bored with their lives and see death as salvation.

On the way back they get into rain and have to run home together underneath Kiku’s jacket.

Picking up shards in the gym and cutting her finger, Kiku suddenly starts sucking her blood and indulging in her smell. Afterwards he wants to keep his distance in order to be able to control his thirst for blood.


Later Rin finds out, Azami wasn’t killed when she was shot, but teared the killers apart, drinking their blood. But she blames Kiku for leaving her and making her turn wicked. She even asks him to kill her if he truly loves her. But as she attacks him, he doesn’t even fight back.


Kiku tells Rin, that he drowned trying to save a girl, who had fallen into the canal. Earlier he fell into a well, which leads to hell and Sensei gave him the collar and let him return to earth if he promised he’d use his power only to protect people.

At the evening he presses her to tell him who her prince his and his answer is a kiss on a cheek. Incited by that he kisses her and wants to go further, but she wants to wait until they suceeded.


Rin gets a secret invitation by Azami, but of course Kiku and also Shin follow her. Together with Shin’s confession of his love to Azami and Kiku apologising for all what has happened, they make Azami feel loved again and she decides to return to hell.


After that Rin continues to live in the human world and they even find out that a girl they coincidentally saved from suicide a few days ago is a successor to the girl Kiku saved from drowning.

But not Kiku wants his reward…

And after applying new nail polish they go on a date.

Bad end

Rin gets kidnapped by Jack’s manager, who wants to sell her and Azami into prostitution. But Azami kills the men and makes the manager jump out of the window, to finally commit suicide, taking Rin with her.

20 years later they get reborn as sisters and meet Kiku in the amusement park, where he suddenly hugs her and wants to eat cereals with her together again.


The first impression of Yona is bumping into him half naked as he comes out of the bath.

Later that day they have to help out together at the amusement park as oni. Yona has a lot of fun playing with the kids and teaching them not to lie to their loved ones.

As Asaemon threatens her, he steps in and takes her away. All flustered about her thanking him, he calls her baka a lot.

2, 3

Meeting with Okuni she tries to explain to Rin, that they don’t intend to hurt anybody. Also her husband Sansaburo threatens Yona and Okuni wouldn’t want to use her power to bring people bad luck, if they interfered with their plans. But Yona is not ready to challenge him in a fight.


Yona starts being in pain and swears himself never to tell her, not to make her suffer.

He finally takes on a match with Sansaburo, but cheats really attacking him, which leads to the damage being reflected to Rin, which hurts her badly and she can only be saved by the onsen.

Tama wants to bite Yona and Yona would accept any punishment, but only ends up being punshed by Goemon.


The next morning Yona is gone, and everyone finds an excuse to help Rin look for him.

As she finally finds him, he yells and is angry. But as she tells him this all was nothing, he also starts laughing things off, until he bursts into tears and cries heavily. He asks for forgiveness, though he knows such can never be granted. Thus he wants to go back to hell to accept whatever severe a punishment. Not being able to get through to him she commands him to stay as her servant, which he gladly accepts, acting like a chivalrous samurai. Now he suddenly calls her by her name, which makes her feel flustered.

Reporting back to Enma he diagnoses Rin is in love, though she vehemently denies that and starts throwing things at Enma’s poster in her room.

At the evening Yona brings her iced coffee, but flustered as she is, she drops it and Yona hugs her from behind to prevent her stepping onto shards. After she’s gone he is in extreme pain, which got even worse when she smiled at him earlier and he hugged her. But he still swears never to make her suffer again.


Yona rescues Shin again from bullies, but feels bad he still made him run away.

Hari the AI tells Rin, Yona will suffer more and more the closer their bonds get.

Sharing his favourite food Yona almost asks her who she loves more, him or Tama.

As the humans become more an more reckless thinking the app will save them anyway, they also get approval to interfere with humans.

Rin starts missing Yona when he’s not around and he wonders whether her lips are as soft as the warabimochi they ate together.


As Rin gifts him a bathing salt, which makes the onsen blue like the sea, Yona is so happy that he barges into her room half naked and then stays in the onsen too long and faints. Cooling his head on the roof top, she finds him in great pain and finally kisses his mark on his breast. She sees how he has been shunned due to his red hair and how he tried to protect her the whole time. The pain she feels quickly turns into warmth and she can almost not stop kissing him and wanting him to love her even more. She then fans him fresh air, gives him water and touches his freckles. He is determined to win so she won’t vanish and as his hand moves up to her cheek, Tama appears.


The next day she gets attacked by some guys and Yona steps in telling them not to touch his wife, which triggers her past memory about the voice saying he doesn’t want to marry a girl like her.

Shichi witnessed this scene and tells Yona about the legend, that the first man of a girl, will carry her over the river to hell. Rin tries to deescalate saying they are just friends, what makes Yona leave angrily.

Enma then tells her, that no one carried her as she crossed over.


The next night Rin can’t sleep thinking about his lips and wondering whether he wants to kiss her, when he reads these steamy romance novels (from Nil Admirari no Tenbin). So she decides to fetch some water in the hope she’ll find him reading in the living room again. There he tells her, he envies authors as they managed to carve their name into the world. Because being forgotten, like he is, means everything you’ve done, all the killing as a samurai was useless. He killed, because he wanted to. He wanted to be praised. But Rin shows him that all that counts is that everyone is doing their best. She feels the strong urge to hug him, but strokes his hair instead, enumerating what he all did without a reward: help a crying boy, be happy about the bathing salt…and that he’s amazing just like he is, famous or not. These words make him cry and quickly run away, as he’s in pain again and can’t tell whether he’ll be able to hold back next time or whether he will attack her, as he wants to kiss her, hug her.


Finally their bond raised to 100%, as Yona tells her he was bullied as a child from a foreign mother and wanted to become stronger to defend himself.

Receiving a letter from a boy he met at the pool in the amusement park, makes him cry, as the boy asks Enma not to punish him.

After the pool is closed he swims in the pool alone, but Rin can’t join as she’s strangely afraid, as if she drowned in her past life. But she is fascinated by his beautiful figure and would like to be the earring he so often plays with. But then Yona breaks out in pain again, but doesn’t want her to help. She thinks it’s because he’s disgusted by her, but it actually is that it pains him to make her do something like that before she is married, and she should rather leave before he assaults her. Not swayed by these warnings in the slightest, she rips of his cloth, to kiss his mark, saying it’s ok if he’d attack her. This makes him lose his head and he kisses her passionately in the water while the rain pours onto them. They confess and kiss over and over.

On the way Sansaburo is slaughtering a harasser, as Sansaburo wants to be useful again and fulfill orders again, as he couldn’t fulfill the last order in his life as a samurai.


The next victim is a donator of the app.

Finally Yona challenges Sansaburo trying to convince him that killing now won’t get him into heaven and he already has his wife to praise him. He doesn’t need to look for a reason to kill anymore, killing won’t give him a place where he belongs and they now should choose their path freely. This way Yona convinces them to go back to hell. He even gives Enma the letter he got from the little boy and asks for Rin’s hand in marriage, no matter he long he will have to endure the punishment in hell until then.


They get to live together on earth and Yona even makes friends with Tama brushing him. He gives Rin a blue Rose as a thanks for the sea bath and as a marriage proposal. He promises he will not break her heart, like it probably happened in her past life, and though he couldn’t carry her over the river, he will instead carry and support her from now on however he can.

He also finally explains why he hated women: in the night when his company was attacked, women brought poisoned sake.

As she is about to pat his head, he pushes her down, asking to only praise him and love him the most. And of course Rin wants to be with him forever.

In the epilogue Yona finally opened up to the internet to see all different kinds of seas.

Bad end

Taking Yona’s damage Rin dies from Sansaburo’s sword, which makes the slayn immediately vanish. Not able to live without her Yona drowns himself.

20 years later they meet again over his favourite food and decide to be together.


Jack doesn’t have a girlfriend, as he’s afraid of not being able to die together and actually killed someone.

As they meet she decides to use him to get information about the prisoners as Jack seems to work together with them. They exchange phone numbers and he invites her home, making tea for her.


As they meet again, he shows his affection to animals and suddenly talks about loving her.

Goemon warns her about getting too close to Jack, by almost pinning her down, but Tama stops him.

Turns out Jack is planning to take out his revenge against hell out on her.


His manager tries to scout her, but Jack saves her, repeating he loves her even though she’s Enma’s daughter. On the next date they share their love for plants and Jack even agrees to help Shichi look for her lost love by talking about that in his show.


Hari has the idea that obtaining blood from Jack could help them get some more information.

The next date is in the amusement park wearing a school uniform as disguise. But every other LI now works at the park trying to interrupt their date: Kiku tries to hit Jack, Sharaku acts as a jealous ex boyfriend and wants to fight him and Yona splashes water on them, so that they fall on top of each other and their picture is big in the next the next day. But Rin also learned about Jack’s real name and that he only went out with her so she would bring him into hell, which makes her feel strangely disappointed. Nevertheless she inquires about him and the person he’s looking for in hell. But Enma doesn’t want her to be together with a human, so all she can do is buy junk food and be frustrated.


Turns out, as Jack was about to die, he attacked Nono sensei, who then cursed Jack with eternal life and a baka mark on his arm.

Though he helps Shichi by inquiring about her love in the broadcast, when he meets Rin next time, he makes clear he has no use for her anymore and will tell the other escaped prisoners that she’s useless and they don’t have to worry about her and he’ll kill her if he ever sees her again.


Nevertheless she misses his delicious tea and asks him to sign an autograph for Shichi.


She goes to his home to take the autograph, and as he hears she lost her memories he suddenly gets interested again, invites her for tea and wants to know more about her.

In the evening she meets up with Tatsumi again who suddenly goes crazy. But she is saved by Okuni and Sansaburo, who then kill Jack for betraying them.


Days later Jack’s body seems to be abducted from the hospital, but he suddenly shows up at their door bringing warabimochi. Though Goemon stole Jack’s father’s goods, who died shortly after, Goemon wants to set their feud aside and invites Jack to move in with them. So he takes an harmonious bath with everyone.

Getting closer with everyone, even Tama, Rin wants him to live with them forever.

Unexpectedly he also is in pain and knows he will vanish someday, but loving her he wouldn’t want Goemon to steal her as well.


So for the time being Jack becomes a stay at home husband and Goemon even buys him a matching coffee cup.

He finally deeply apologises for his behaviour towards Rin in a very old fashioned manner. As she says she wants to help him with his curse he drops the tea he was making pouring the hot water over Rin. All worried he draws closer and touches her leg, until he suddenly breaks out in pain. Rin finds his baka mark and kisses it, while he caresses her back and thigh. But then he suddenly pulls back saying he’s planning to leave Japan.


Adviced by Shichi she invites Jack to make a special memory together before he leaves, which almost ends up in him assaulting her.


They find out that Shinobikuni’s special power is to enter the blood of a human and control them. This way she controlled Tatsumi and makes him attack Rin. But Jack steps in revealing he also has a special power and a magical sword and is willing to lose his remaining life energy to save Rin. As he’s about to defeat Tatsumi Nono sensei steps in wanting to take his revenge on Jack. But Jack made up his mind to protect Rin at all costs, so Nono sensei drops the act and is satisfied how he tested Jack’s resolve. Now Jack is tried by Enma, who lets him choose: he can either become human again or die. Without hesitation Jack chooses to die this time, which makes Enma assign him to Rin as a servant.

Everyone welcomes him with a list of what they want to do with him.

And Jack and Rin enjoy their time together, in bed or in the shower.

Bad end

Tatsumi blackmails Rin into marrying him if she doesn’t want Jack to get killed, and in return they’ll also delete the app. She agrees but stopped smiling ever since and is finally redeemed by Enma, as her soul couldn’t take it anymore.

20 years later they meet again and Jack has been waiting for her all the time.


Goemon is eager to help Shichi look for her past love, as he’s in the same situation and Rin notices, that he always looks out for others.

Goemon wonders whether the true goal of the prisoners is to kill Enma, as he will vanish, when no one believes in him anymore.

Rin learns that Goemon used to be a ninja, together with Shiroku, but deserted his clan as he didn’t want to become head of it, as he wanted to live freely.


Goemon already has 90% affection and asks her not to build a wall around her.

Later they find out Shichi’s lover actually is Kamuro, who has forgotten about everything.

Enma tells Goemon that he is the reason Rin fell into hell having told a lie.


Rin researches about Goemon, but reading he had 5 wives isn’t a pleasant thought for her. Talking about that she remembers the man not wanting to marry her and also a night reeking of blood and that she used to sell him dango he bought every day. This makes her wonder whether she also has a string of attachment. It turns out she was attacked in the mountains and her eyes destroyed.


Seeing a memo of Goemon she finds out he is the one who brought her the sandwiches on the first day on earth. Eating dango together he notices Goemen gravely misses someone, which makes her feel strangely sad. As Okuni talks to Goemon as if they know each other she figures it must be her and leaves depressed. But later Goemon tells her he died before he could make his love happy, who loved winter daphnes and hated men.

Challenging Nono sensei, he tells them they need to find Shinobikuni in order to bring peace to hell.


Investigating about the app Shin gets attacked, but is alright and moves in with them for protection as he only noticed the smell of his attacker.

Goemon wants her to make dango again, but wonders if it’d be better if she didn’t remember. Still he wants to know why she fell into hell.

That night she dreams of someone saving her from killing herself by drowning, but as she already was blind, she couldn’t see Goemon, but remembers his alias. She now knows she used to love that man, but thinks it’s someone else than Goemon.


Instead she decides to make onigiri for him, but they taste so similar to her dango, they make Goemon cry as he longed for this taste all the time. She still thinks he’s in love with another girl. Filled with jealousy she still wishes them luck, with the girl he just cannot give up and loves forever.

In that night she also remembers that her fiancee broke off the engagement, because of the rumours that the bandits not only damaged her eyes. But Goemon doesn’t care about this a bit.


As she tells Goemon she remembers her love he’s surprised and flustered, but doesn’t come clear.

In the meanwhile Shichi and Kamuro met, who wishes to be friends with her. Also attacks also against humans keep increasing by people who think the app will make up for their sins.

So they decide to ask Shin to shut the app servers down.


Even Rin gets attacked but is saved by Shiroku. As Goemon sees Rin tend to Shiroku’s wounds he asks her whether she’ll also mend his wounds and make him onigiri again.

Rin takes the courage to inquire more about Goemon’s past and he tells her, he took the blame for all the sins of his friends who died because of him.

She secretly starts wishing Goemon was her pat love, but also loves Goemon just as Goemon.


Rin even asks Enma to relieve Goemon and look for his past love, who supposedly even lives in Asakusa right now. Little does she know that it was Enma who sealed her memories after she was killed.

Wanting to help Goemon she is still ashamed she wishes for him to love her. Also his friend Shiroku wants to help his friend find happiness this time, as Goemon was framed for killing Hideyoshi.

Inviting Jack’s manager home Shin recognises his smell. He attacked Shin as he didn’t want him to do any more investigations regarding the app.


The next day Goemon brought her winter daphne, but she doesn’t accept them as he should be giving them to his real love. Goemon suddenly yells at her, that it has always been her. She remembers she wanted to run away with him, but then told him she’s not good for him


The culprit who killed a boy because of the app is chased by an angry mob and hit by a car. Shinobikuni comes clear that she wants to save humans after her life of abuse.

Goemon makes it clear to Rin that he didn’t get involved with her in their past life, as a terrible fate could befall wives of shinobi. The only thing he wanted was to make her happy. And that’s the only thing he couldn’t do. He then was deceived into turning himself in to save his friends, but in the end all died. He breaks out in pain and asks to be rescued by only her and finally they can kiss.


The next day the temple of Shinobikuni is in flames, incited by Shichi who seems like in trance. Kamuro told her he’d kiss her if she set fire to the temple. Mind-controlled Shin blames Goemon for the act, who again takes the blame without hesitation.

Kamuro actually worked together with the prisoners, wanting to extinct any evil forever. He forgot everything about his past life except for Shichi so he also wants to delete his memories about her. He’s convinced that no god exists anymore and he shall guide the humans. But soon afterwards he gets killed by the other prisoners, who start to mind control every human in the crowd.

Now Nono sensei interferes, but leaves them a choice: either he will handle it, but their mission will be failed or they might fight, but spend all their remaining life energy.

Of course they decide to fight and as Asaemon is about to overwhelm them, Jack protects them fighting Asaemon himself.

It was actually Shiroku who raped and killed Rin as revenge of Goemon deserting and betraying their ninja clan and handed him to Hideyoshi. He has the power to consume others’ powers, so he takes the power of Kamuro to make souls vanish and tortures Goemon. He wants to make him watch rape Rin, obtain everyone’s abilities and kill Enma.

Rin remebers she lied to Goemon to set him free and now her power is her punishment. But she is a new self now and won’t give up that easily. Not like last time. This resolution makes Hari upgrade her power with the password “I love hell” and she then obtains the power of making herself heard. This causes the crowd of people to support her and heal Goemon, similar to the abilities of the video game Kiku used to play.

Shiroku also was the one who blinded Rin, as she saw Goemon on a heist and he wanted to protect Goemon.

But when Rin and Goemon fall in love again, Enma promised to give Goemon a special power to steal souls. So he takes Shiroku’s soul and secures Shinobikuni’s power of mind-controlling humans through their blood and hands them to Enma.

Rin understands that living a human life means having all kinds of emotions, good and bad ones. And the most important thing is not to rely on others to save you, but to have trust in yourself.

Later also Shin remembers he was a friend of Goemon in his former life and his last wish was to be useful to him in his next life. Having helped them with fighting the prisoners lifts his regrets and living together with them finally gave him self-confidence.


Lastly Enma asks Rin whether she’d rather forget, but she decides to stay and remember.

And actually it was Enma who carried her over the river when she died.

Now everyone lives together happily and Shin even decides to go to university.

Bad end

Both die, but meet again 20 years later as students and are being welcomed back by everyone.

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