Klap! Kind Love and Punish + Funparty Review

It’s not really a rhythm game, but a spank your favourite voice actor so he moans the best way for as long as you wish game

Sometimes I started the game thinking – man, I want to spank someone


Our MC Koyomi is frustrated by all her failed job applications as a teacher, as she suddenly gets an acceptance from a school she can’t really remember applying to. But with no other options at hand, this job seems like her best chance! The school is oddly far away from Tokyo and secured by a heavy gate. And on the way to the school in this far off village she meets the strangest people, a hungry vampire, who can’t stand blood, a flirty kappa, an old cat, a short nosed tengu and a male yuki onna. And these will be her students for the next year. If that wasn’t strange enough, a human girl teaching hundreds of years old yokai about the human world, there also is the phenomenon of them going rampage. Whenever they get too excited or emotional they are in danger of turning into their uncontrollable yokai form. And there’s only one way to stop and save them – the chore mechanic of the game – whipping and spanking them in the cellar the school has specifically for that reason. And there the strangest year she could have imagined begins: romancing and spanking youkai, who even thank you for that.

This is one of the wildest premises I’ve ever heard of in an otome game, and whenever I tell people about that, they can just shake their head in disbelief. – who can blame them.

But before I get ahead of myself, I’ll explain the structure of the game:

In the long common route you witness hilarious banters of the weird classmates, have school festivals, who are accompanied by character scenes or spanking sessions.



I started playing the sleepy, hungry vampire Camil, who is voiced by Nicola’s and Gill’s voice actor!

He is kind of calm, sticks to himself and his favourite hobby are video games, he ends up sacrificing his sleep for – who doesn’t do that once in a while… but of course as a teacher we have to scold him for that. He is always sleepy, forgetful and hungry, but never ever hungry for blood, though he is a vampire.

Nevertheless sudden vampire problems occur in his route , like you know them from Twilight and the likes. And it turns out Camil fell in love with her pretty quickly, and it is her, who has to understand her feelings and how she feels about a kind of student-teacher relationship.

Camil is just adorable and funny, whether he just forgets everything or mixes up words, he’s a gentle and loveable vampire. The story in his route was ok, but I liked his mature and calm approach to love.


After him I played the flirt Akito and I really wish that I had saved him for later.

Akito is the son of a wealthy family and a kappa who likes to make it rain so he can snuggle up under one umbrella with the girl he sweet talks. But he also quickly becomes interested in the new teacher as a new toy – or could he actually be serious?

He is a flirt, but a good one. He is surprisingly deep and philosophical almost and very serious in pursuing her, for a really good reason. It wasn’t love a t first sight for him, but really well explained how he fell in love with her character.

But like every flirt, he has a jealous fan club to deal with and a strict father, who wouldn’t welcome a human girl into his family. I liked both of these conflicts as they lead to some dramatic scenes, where Henri’s Va could show all his range of emotions seeing his beloved girl in danger. Nevertheless Koyomi is not a heroine who needs to be rescued, but can protect and stand up for herself and the guy she loves. No wonder he is so madly in love with her. At the same time being a flirt he also has the most steamy scenes in his routes, which earn him my most sexy award!

And another great thing about his route are the absolutely hilarious quarrels between him and Touma then Tengu. Calling each other ero kappa or short nosed tengu, I loved so hard, my bf felt the urge to ask me whether I was alright.

Oh god, how much I enjoyed his route. Definitely a route I’m planning on replaying in the future, as it had a really nice intense plot, a lot of steamy romance and these hilarious banters.


Afterwards I played the ojiisan (old man) cat, who is like 600 years old I believe and voiced by Yang’s VA. but he sounds cute and kitty like, like a certain character in Cupid Parasite.

This old-fashioned cat loves books and libraries, traditional tea parties and plays a traditional instrument, the koto,  or has an expertise in fighting, but goes totally crazy if he sees a ball. He used to be a real cat, but was transformed and thus became a cat yokai. The story behind these Nekomata is quite tragic and sad actually. I didn’t like the route too much because of this sudden sad tone, but overall it was still very sweet, though a feminine old cat isn’t really my type.


Then I turned to the characters I had high expectations for.

One of them being Touma, a tengu, voiced by the same voice actor as Gil in Piofiore, with a complex about his short…nose…becasue you must know, a normal tengu …nose..is about 20cm, whereas his is only 13cm, and that really tortures this pure fellow, even more as there is a very vain tengu with an exceptionally long..nose..making fun of Touma.

This conflict gets more serious in Touma’s character route as the next chief of the Tengu is to be elected, but something seems off about this whole matter.

This character…his favourite animal…what could it be?…an elephant! Because he envies their long noses and nothing makes him happier than complimenting his..nose.

Apart from that he’s a dear tsundere with a strong will, who eagerly pursues the MC so they have a really natural love development and some sweet romantic scenes. Also the conflict in his route was of a bigger scope than the others so far, which was interesting to see some more world-building. 

So his route didn’t disappoint me in the slightest.


Then I played the route of the bully male yuki onna Sousuke, voiced by Hayato in Nil Ado or Ryouta in tokimemo 4, but boy was he mean as this character!

He’s the kind of guy to invite you snowboarding so he can watch you fall, who freezes your desert so you can’t eat it anymore and he always acts as if he doesn’t care and just wants to be left alone. Though actually he is the one feeling alone, grown up in an orphanage and his biggest dream is to graduate from the school to finally be allowed to go to the human world and meet his parents.

Sousuke is the only guy, who actually is young, being 18, and that also is reflected in his behaviour. He often acts like a forlorn child, depending on the MC, while acting as if he doesn’t need her. At the same time he constantly teases the MC, tricking her and laughing about her, but just can’t admit he might actually like her.

His character route is extremely emotional, as you discover what happened with his parents and it was so emotional his crying scene even made me cry too. His route didn’t change the world of humans and yokai, as Touma’s does, but tells a touching and personal story.


Then lastly you can play the teacher Shion, after you’ve cleared at least one route.

And he can best be characterised as a sadistic teacher, who enjoys whipping the students with an evil grin on his face and everyone is scared of him and his punishments.

But the strangest thing about him, that no one knows his age or where he comes from, his past is shrouded in mystery…

Yet, he starts worrying about the MC and disclosing his past to her, as only she has the ability to change his fate.

Oh boy, his route was good. Being with another teacher this time it has quite a different dynamic and it’s hard to figure out what actually lies behind his sadistic smile. So it’s the Mc fighting for their relationship and for him opening up and allowing himself to be happy. And the gap between his sadistic and caring character really was a joy to witness! I also enjoyed Kuroba’s voice actor a lot more in this role! The sadistic teacher really suits him!


Now we come to the part you probably have been waiting for, the system mechanics, aka the whipping and spanking, the unique selling point of this game. And not gonna lie, that was also the reason why my best friend bought this game for me – he just wanted to know how this experience will change me. And I mean I did boot up the game from time to time thinking…maaan I just want to spank someone now….or….maaan, this is good stress relief.

So how does it work?

First next to affection choices you have s-m choices, which influence how the character will react to the punishment. If you raise him to be masochistic, he will utter more words of enjoyment and rapture, than he will if you trained him sadistically. But overall the difference isn’t too big I would say – so just go with the dialogue option you prefer.

Then there will be 4 instances, if I counted correctly, where your character goes rampage, 3 in the common route and one in the character route and then it’s time to spank and save him.

But that isn’t so much a rhythm game, but rather a spank your favourite voice actor so he moans the best way possible game . 

The mechanic is fairly straightforward, klap the guy, when the heart pounds, but that isn’t necessarily in tune with the music and there is no time limit to the klap, so you can first listen to him panting for as long as you wish and klap him whenever you feel like it. Using different instruments on different places will trigger different voice lines. And experimenting with that is really the point and fun of this mechanic.

So yes, I enjoyed this mechanic a lot, it was embarrassing and at the same time so much fun, I don’t want to even admit to it. But it’s not the centre of the game. It’s super easy occurs only a few times, and I’m happy to say that even without the mechanic it would be good game – though I’m glad it is there!


I’m also quite happy with the art department.

As I’ve already mentioned, the voice acting is top notch! We have almost the whole Piofiore cast with Yang, Nicola, Gilbert and Henri plus Kuroba from Olympia Soirée and Hayato from Nil Admirari no Tenbin. I mean, these are really some of the best otome voice actors in my opinion, so it’s obviously heaven to have them moan for you…that alone is reason to buy the game!

The CGs are also all very vibrant and colourful in sweet romantic scenes and what stands out about them, is that some of them seem like a first person perspective, which is really cool and immersive with these hot men, and they most of the time have multiple version of a CG, you know smiling moving a hand and all that, so you can look at one CG for a whole scene and really take it in. Because in some games you see the CG for three sentences and then it’s back to normal. But I really liked spending more time on each CG.

The background music was very enjoyable and varied for the most parts, except for one song I couldn’t stand at all, so much so I turned the music off whenever it was playing. That lead to the funny situation, that – because I first started the game about a year ago, I forgot I turned the music down and played Camil’s route in silence! But it was still enjoyable. Except for that rack the music is quite pretty and always fits the mood of the scene. I liked it way better than the soundtrack she composed for Lover Pretend.

Another detail I liked were the Japanesy sound effects like drums when you click on the menu for example. That’s just a nice addition and fits the Japanese mythology vibe of the game.

I usually don’t say much about the background art, but that as well stood out to me, as it’s full with funny details even expanding on the world-building, like a no flying tengus sign on the road. Judging from these details alone I can tell, that this game wasn’t solely made to be a cash cow for all us horny voice actor fans, but they really put a lot of thought into it.


Now finally how would I classify this game? 

I think above all it’s a heartwarming comedy with a quirky yet loveable cast of characters who grow on you the more you spend time with them. There is so much funny dialogue and strange scenes in this game, that will make you laugh out loud or just shake your head in disbelief, much like that whole spanking mechanic. 

But beneath all that silly humour, the character routes can tell serious problems or and deal with grave problems. Not to an extent that it would become too angsty or be in dissonance with the light-hearted tone of the game, but just so much that the story ends up not being shallow and the characters deep and interesting. Especially keep in mind that these are almost all yokai with different life styles and different life spans to humans, which might leave a bitter sweet taste even after the best ending. Them being yokai also leads to immense age gaps, up until hundreds of years. The other thing is of course that you are technically their teacher so most of them will continue to call you teacher. But in the yokai world student-teacher relationships are not forbidden, as it’s kind of hard to imagine how a 20 year old human girl could abuse her power against a hundreds of years old vampire or tengu, who all hold special magical abilities.

These abilities also prevent the routes from being boring or too slice of lifey, as in each route their youkai heritage also plays a role and gives a unique twist to their stories. 

So while I usually would say I’m not a fan of character driven slice of life games, I’m a big fan of Klap, as it adds the mythical touch and adds some small stakes to the stories to make them engaging without being too angsty.

Going in with almost no expectations, thinking this is just a cah grabby spanking game for us thirsty voice actor fans, I was more than positively surprised by the loveable characters, strong heroine, well written dialogue and  meaningful and sweet stories, about love, growing up, or taking responsibility for one’s own future.

Fan Disk Fun Party

And this even continues in the Fan Disk

The biggest difference is that in the Fan Disk the spanking is no integral part of the gameplay anymore, as the boys graduated from school and thus learned to control themselves without the necessity to spank them  – what a shame – what?

The FD takes place one year after the first game.

In the if story you now work at a human regular school but the whole bunch comes visit you as a school exchange and makes your peaceful life a lot noisier, as they just don’t manage to behave like normal people…. The if story resembles the common route of the original game, in that you witness funny conversations and banters between the characters while you can choose to get close to one of them, with a little sweet open ended love ending and one CG. The rest of the if story is told with chibi CGs.

In the if story you can also romance two new characters, the doctor Hyuuga and the only unromanceable classmate Ryou uptil now.

But the romance scenes in the if story are extremely light.

What could have been more interesting are the little after stories you then unlock with them. I’ve only played the one of the doctor, because he seems to cool , but I’m not sure you can even call this romance. He was very reluctant to engage in some romantic activities and wasn’t as forceful or proactive as I would have expected him to be.

As I’m not a fan of Ryou, I didn’t even bother with him, he seems way too childish for me.

My enjoyment of the after stories of the main characters directly correlated with how much I liked them in the first game.

In Camil’s story his haughty brother wants to pull you apart.

In Kanade’s story his old-fashioned world view gets in the way.

In Touma’s route some political intrigues are initiated.

In Shion’s route he suddenly starts to change again and has troubles he feel like he can’t share them with the MC.

Sousuke is a bit less mean in the FD, but still a little tsundere and has a fight with the MC because of his family. So again you notice how young he still is.

And lastly Akito’s route was the most down to earth, as they don’t spend much time together anymore, due to him being so busy with his father’s business and his mother posing some conditions before they are allowed to marry.

What all the after stories have in common is that they finally address the issue of the different life spans of humans and yokai, and every couple finds their own personal answer to this, what is really sweet to see and in general who you see how their relationships become more mature and stable.

In general this is a good FD and delivers what you would expect, more of the same and some additional time with the characters. What is kind of a shame though, is that is is extremely short. I could play an after story in less than three hours and the if story also around 2 hours.

I think that is fairly standard for a FD, so I won’t complain, it’s just something to keep in mind, if you don’t have the Switch version, where everything is bundled up, but have to buy it extra.

I don’t think you would miss out on much if you didn’t play the FD, the base game is better and funnier, but of course it’s still a nice addition to have.

Switch VS PSVita

What brings me to the difference between the Vita and Switch version. As I said the Switch version includes both games and added some sweet slightly steamy CGs to the after stories to enjoy.


But no matter on which console you buy the game, buy it via my links to support my work, and I think you are in for some good laughs, combined with a sweet, honest and real love story in a fantasy setting that makes the plot and characters even more engaging and you will not only have a very special time with them because of the klapping, but also because of their heartfelt stories.

If you found this review to be helpful, please consider buying the game via my link to support my work!

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