Hamefura: My next Life as a Villainess all Routes lead to Doom – Pirate Attack

My next life as a villainess Switch Review

My next life as a villainess – all routes lead to doom – the otome game finally released on the 10th of February 2022 and hence I thought it was time to find out what this adaptation is about.

It is based on the light novel

where a girl is isekaid into an otome game, but as the villainess. She has no knowledge about her former past except that this world strangely resembles an otome game “Fortune Lover” she has played. That’s how she knows that all routes lead to her as Catarina to either be executed or exiled and hence she has to try with all her strength to evade this fate and thus also influences the relationships to the other characters.

After the events of the main story Catarina could so far escape, this entry adapts the story of the fanbook of this otome game, a yet unpublished story of Catarinas ruin.

Now she is invited to a post graduation party together with her brother in law Keith, that is held on a luxurious ship. These peaceful times and reunion with all former classmates are interrupted as the ship is suddenly attacked by pirates, who take the ship over and take everyone as hostages.

Will she manage to escape doom yet again?



Catarina is simple, forgetful, straightforward and has quite average magic abilities and loves eating. But her biggest fault might be that she’s totally oblivious to the affection of the men around her. But what also stands out about her is that she’s a voiced heroine!


Gerald is Catarina’s fiancèe. A blonde blue-eyed orthodox prince, but with a mischievous and twisted personality. He met Catarina in his childhood, when he was bored and uninterested in anything . Now he is obsessed with Catarina, and his affection is increasing year by year.

Voice actor: Aoi Shouta蒼井 翔太 (Konparu in Kenka Banchou Otome and Ai in Uta no prince sama)


Keith is Catarina’s brother-in-law. He has high magical power and is quite attractive (- if they say so). He is supposed to live a miserable life in loneliness, but upon meeting Catarina and being surrounded by a loving family he continues to become a good young man.

Voice actor: Kakihara Tetsuya柿原 徹也 (Witch of Ruin in Even if Tempest; Frankenstein in CodeRealize)


Alan is Giordo’s twin brother and fourth prince. A wild oresama prince, who always felt inferior being compared to his perfect brother, but learns to accept himself due to Catarina.  And he’s a very talented musician.

Voice actor: Suzuki Tatsuhisa鈴木 達央 (Yuki in Lover Pretend, Ranmaru in Uta no prince sama, Yuuma in Diabolik Lovers)


Nicol loves his sister Sophia. He is unaware of his ability to charm people with his outward appearance, and even has a fan club. Except when he is with his family he is kind of expressionless and cold, but being with Catarina makes him open up his heart.

Voice actor: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu松岡 禎丞 (Akaza in Olympia Soirée)

The two new characters are


He works as a technician on the ship and is part of the maintenance staff. He is friendly and easy to deal with, because of his kind personality and became friends when he gave hungry Catarina his sweets .

Voice actor: Suzumura Ken’ichi鈴村 健一 (Masato in Uta no prince sama and Shizuru in Nil Admirari no Tenbin)


We can also date the pirate Silva. He has kind of an exotic air and is a bit two faced, on the one hand being rather rough, but on the other hand being extremely caring when it comes to his family.

Voice Actor: Namikawa Daisuke浪川 大輔 (Kinji in Kimi Yuki, Takeru in CollarxMalice)


The main scenario writer also wrote Cupid Parasite, Jakou no Lyla and Ken ga kimi, but as it’s a comedy, we could rather expect something funny by Yoshimura Ririka吉村 りりか.

The art stayed close to the manga and anime, which is definitely important for fans of the series!

But to me personally, it doesn’t speak too much. Maybe the sprites look a bit too simple? The CGs seem cute, but something is missing in them for me.


There are story choices and character choices.

And memories of their school life – probably for a smoother entry, if you are not familiar with the series.

Japanese level

The Japanese level is suitable for upper beginners, because it’s mostly easy everyday talk with some slightly more complicated kanji here and there, but as the heroine is voiced that will make the reading a bit easier again. So if this is not the secret idea factory title, this could also be a good chance to brush up your beginner Japanese or even start learning Japanese with otome games!

Made for fans?

I think the games expects you to roughly know the characters and why they have a special connection. Though in theory the story is disconnect, the characters are not.

But I think when you either love the light novel, manga or anime, you might also like this game!

It looks light hearted, colourful and fluffy, with some cute emotional moments or slight action and fantasy, as the pirates hijack the ship and Catarina still has to escape her doomed fate. But overall this will definitely be a funny game. 

“That was helpful!

To show my appreciation I’m gonna purchase the game via Lin’s amazon link to support her!”

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