Otome Games with voiced MCs

Otome Games with voiced MCs

Whether you just think a voiced heroine gives the MC more character and makes the game more lively, or know that more voiced lines will help your understanding and learning Japanese –

Otome games with voiced heroines are kind of rare, so here are the games with voiced heroines I could find on non region locked consoles (Switch, PSVita, PSP)

I only counted fully voiced heroines, but have some honourable partly voiced mentions at the end of the article.


Pychedelica of the

Ashen Hawk & Black Butterfly

These games tell stories about grief and death, are very dark games, where you either find yourself in a mansion together with other guys, but you’ve lost your memories.

Or the independent second part revolves around a witch hunt in a mediaeval town, that causes the heroine to dress as a boy to hide her identity.

These games do not focus very much on romance, but rather telling a deep and twisted story.


In Norn9 the three voiced Mcs with their three respective love interests – so 9 in total! – find themselves on an airship and search for a way to return to their own time, while discovering the secrets around this mission. Because all of them have kind of psychedelic powers and are warped back in time after a world war occured…

The biggest complaint about this game is that the story is all over the place, but is very dramatic, romantic bitter-sweet. And all three heroines and LIs tell their own story to shed a different light in the overall plot.

This game also has an anime adaptation, but as always it’s recommended to play the game first, to get the most out of both.


You have the strange ability to travel back in time, but will end up in another person’s body. After you’ve witnessed a man get shot you are determined to travel back in time and warn him. Little did you know he’s part of a kind of criminal organisation executing their own justice you now get entangled with…

A game with a quirky cast of characters, that feels more like a crime movie, than an otome game. You’ll discover the past of each LI and the reason why they chose to be part of this group and only at the end of each route get a little romance.

And remains to be seen, whether we will also see the FD in the west?!

Variable Barricade

You are the wealthy daughter Hibari, who is soon to be married. Your grandfather forces you to live together with 4 guys, one worse than the other. A gold digger, a debtor, a gambling addict and a marriage fraud guy…

How is our inexperienced tsundere heroine supposed to find her happiness? No matter who you choose, you will surely laugh a lot.

JackJeanne (2023)

In JJ you sneak into an all boys theatre school despite being a girl! The localisation of this title was just shortly announced, so soon also players in the west can experience this game with rhythm mini games, that isn’t too romantic, as it more focuses on the development of friendship, which later turns into love.

This game is rather light-hearted and the mini games can be played in different difficulty levels and are overall not too difficult to begin with. So if you like a bit of fluff and good songs in a sweet love story – you can definitely look forward to this localistion!

You might also notice the artist from Tokyou Ghoul!

Ayakashi Gohan (fanpatch on PC)

A wholesome game about family dinners: after both her parents died the MC gets invited into the ayakashi village of her childhood to moves in in an ayakashi restaurant.

What stands out about this game is not only the voiced heroine, but that you decide in the long common route, how the MC will turn out to be: will she be pessimistic or optimistic? The slightly gloomy Rin progresses on the human route, while the cheerful one advances on the ayakashi path – so it can feel like two games in one, with vastly different heroines. This game focuses a lot on warm feelings of friendship and family meals and not so much on romance. But I’ve heard of some people who cried at the end –  but in a good crying kind of way.


(sorted by my estimated Japanese difficulty level)

Little Aid (total beginner)

About a tomboyish and silly MC, romancing her classmates in a very innocent fashion. Not very romantic, no plot. But mere school life fluff

  • on PC, PSP and PS2

Ouran Koukou Host Club (beginner)

The game to the famous anime – that’s all I need to say: sweet fluffy and a dream come true if you were a fan of the twins in the anime!

  • on PS2 and DS

Miss Princess

(upper beginner, but beware the DS font)

The otome game for the youngest otome fans among us. As a rich girl you have to find a butler to attend the princess contest. Play mini games and innocently romance young guys.

Your Memories Off Girl’s Style

(upper beginner)

As you work part time in a café you befriend a boyband you are a fan off. They even allow you to come to their studio and as they hear you sing want you to become part of their band.

An old spin off title with mediocre reviews.

  • on PSP and PS2

Zettai Meikyuu Grimm

(upper beginner – lower intermediate)

A twisted fairytale entry. The 10 year old heroine lives happily pampered by her cousins the three grimm brothers. After she one night was enchanted by a creature in the forest, she and on of the brothers wake up 5 years later to find their village destroyed and the other brothers gone. On the quest to find out what happened you romance male and female fairy tale characters and will be surprised by some very dark turns of this cute looking game.

  • on PC and PSP

Seishun Hajimemashita

(upper beginner – lower intermediate)

In this game you can choose to either be the male or female twin and depending on your gender romance the opposite gender or pursue friendship routes with the same gender.

The story is that you are sent back to your rural hometown and attend high school there. You reunite with your childhood friends and start a club called the youth club, to do all the activities to really live your youth.

  • on PSP

This game focuses mostly on friendship and sweet interactions, but many people felt like the rute length outstayed its welcome, so it got mediocre to negative reviews.

My next Life as a Villainess – Pirates stir the Waters (Hamefura)

(upper beginner)

The otome game to the well known series can be seen ans a fan disk to the main story line, where Catarine reunites with her classmates for a post-gradutation party on a ship. But these peaceful times are interrupted by pirates hijacking the ship and taking everyone hostage…

Will Catarina manage to escape doom yet again?

  • on Nintendo Switch

The game has received positive reviews, especially if you are a fan of the initial series. If you don’t know the established characters and their past though, you might not enjoy this fluffy game as much.

Koezaru wa Akai Hana

(lower intermediate)

In a land where women are scarce due to a disease, even the heroine’s mother was abducted by the neighbouring country. She has been taken care of and is soon to be married to the prince of the country.

But in one night, the ikemen of the neighbouring country attack again and hunt for her.

  • on PC, PSP and PSVita (censored on consoles 17+)

You might have guessed it from the plot, this game is rated 18+, but still is supposed to have a decent plot.

I’m not sure what to think of the art, but I definetely like the eastern setting and the good voice acting!

SA7 (lower intermediate)

  • Voice of the heroine can be turned on off

In silent ability seven you are suddenly kidnapped by a group of people with strange abilities called unknown, who want to obtain your parent’s research. But you are rescued by another group with similar abilities called ark, who you join and even find out you have abilities too…

  • on PSVita

This game has mediocre to negative reviews due to a poorly executed plot and a lacklustre traitor story.

Sanzen Sekai Yuugi ~MultiUniverse Myself~

(lower intermediate)

Another eroge on the list!

The story is set in a world where you can traverse between multiple universes, kind of following the multiverse theory. The heroine works as a bounty hunter and after they fought a cult, one of the members escaped and is out to hunt to the MCs other self in another universe. Because if your other self dies, you’ll die too. So she sets out to find her other self.

What really stands out is the vampy self-confident and assertive heroine, who often has witty banters with the LIs and whose voice is just seductively soft.

Tsumikui ~Sen no Noroi, Sen no Inori~

(lower intermediate)

The reincarnated MC is cursed, having to kill 1000 criminals to lift her curse. Also the LIs are reincarnations, who have to deal with the traumatic memories from the past, as they slowly start to remember.

  • on PSVita

The game has an interesting and angsty yet very long story with a strong protagonist. The CGs even move and the story is very gory and tragic. This otome games is heavily plot driven and centred around wordy lore.

Atelier Elkrone

(upper intermediate)

The PSP otome game to the Atelier series tells the same story as all Atelier series: you inherit the atelier from your grandmother and promptly a little fairy wants you to make a special item for her and from then on becomes your mascot, while you brew and romance guys.

  • on PSP

The game looks similar to Atelier Rorona, and has an overall fluffy atmosphere. Sadly it is not very romantic and the characters can feel a bit too similar. An overall mediocre otome game with gameplay and a a watered down synthesis mechaninc made for Atelier fans.

Harukanaru Toki no Naka de

( upper intermediate)

The 6th and 7th entry of this long ongoing series are now also on the Switch. In each entry you get isekaid in the past, or time travel and have to prove yourself in JRPG battles while romancing a loooot of guys!

  • on Switch, PSVita, PSP…

This game is by koei tecmo’s Ruby Party, the developers who first developed otome games with gameplay elements. Being in an historical and fighting setting it is also not the most romantic, but overall has good reviews.

Soukai Bouccaneers !

(upper intermediate)

The MC dreams of becoming an adventurer on the vast ocean. One day pirates help her get back her father’s stolen sword, but these exact pirates are to be captured by the navy. After settling this dispute she finds herself without home and without money and has to divide, whether she will venture out with the pirates or follow the command of the navy and their respective ikemen?

  • on PSVita

This game is by the same developer as SA7 (Petit Reve), has some pretty art, though the heroine’s voice acting has to be bought as an 600 Yen DLC, not the nicest thing to do, but considering, that you can get this game for less than 15 bucks, that shouldn’t hurt too much either. The pirate setting feels quite unique, though the plot overall is slightly mediocre.


(desciptions from VNDB)

Love Root Zero Kiss (PS2) 

The story begins when the protagonist rejects the confession of a classmate and they are transported to the labyrinth where the failed feelings of love go. There they meet two fairies and some other students and they realize they have to fight ‘Zero’ the monster of rejected love in order to be able to escape the labyrinth.

Meshimase Rouman Sabou

The protagonist wants to open her own tea-house someday.

Her parent’s give her a condition, if she can run their family confectionery store for a year without it going bankrupt they will allow her to open her own shop.

E’tude prologue

Another game with multiple protagonists and different LIs, about the feelings of highschoolers before graduation

  • on PS2 and PSP

Princess Nightmare

Little is a vampire, whose family has been driven away by hunters and they are now forced to live in Japan. After she meets a human boy she longs for a human life and her father allows her to attend middle school for two years.

  • on PS2 and PC

Under the Moon

An eroge by the same team of “Ijiwaru my master” about an on the run devil, who lost her powers after she fell into the human world and is taken in by mysterious twins.

  • on PS2 and PC

Partly Voiced

But in so small sections, that is doesn’t really count…

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